Aki'Kkuyu (Ah-Kee-Koo-Yoo. Pronounce it all as one word, there's no pause at the apostrophe) was born and raised on Tatooine, she was your average run-of-the-mill Jawa for a while; Just a scavenger of the desert. After she got older though, she decided to have bigger ambitions. She supposedly has psychic abilities that allow her to look into an individual's near future for a few moments with the help of the Force. This was confirmed when she predicted one of her sisters' deaths a few days before it happened; although her sister was perfectly healthy, she fell ill and died within a few hours. She has quite the extensive family, including her parents, at least ten other siblings, and numerous cousins, nieces, nephews, etc. Hardly any of the names are known, as she doesn't generally talk about her family.
The only known member of her immediate family is her brother, Senna'Ku.
Kiki's main goal in life would be to become a Jedi.

—"What difference does it make how old I am when I shall never grow any bigger?" - "Kiki to her elder brother, Senna'Ku, who often comments on her height. —

Personality and Traits

To one who does not know her well, she may come off as a questionable, shady person, but as Jawas tend to have a reputation for being so, it's not really her fault at all. She is really a very bold, audacious individual with a taste for fun and wayfaring.

Powers and Abilities

She has the ability to use the Force, and is able to use it somehow to look into an individual's future, earning her the title and genuane ability to be a fortune teller.

—"You know, I've been trying to ignore it but it's becoming increasingly obvious that people aren't taking me seriously.." - Kiki to a merchant on Tatooine. —

Appearance and Clothing

She wears different clothing than most of her kind, because she travels around a lot and likes to buy new clothing if she has the money for it, for one, and also, the design and alterations she's made to the clothing she does own help her exist more comfortably on planets with different climates than Tatooine. Not to mention they pretty much eliminate "that awful smell" that most other races find intolerable, since she's not around Jawas all the time anymore. But by all means, close up, she doesn't smell -nice-.

Weapons and Vehicles

Kiki's weaponry mostly consists of a miscellaneous collection of knives, daggers and whatnot, but after becoming a Padawan, she acquired a yellow bladed lightwhip.

Homeworld Tatooine
Alternate Names Kiki or Kuyu
Physical Description
Species Jawa
Gender Female
Height 3 ½ Feet
Historical Information
Affiliations Jedi Order | Galactic Republic
Known Masters Unknown
Known Apprentices Unknown
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