Apoch Dhram

Era: Legacy Of The Force

Character Name: Apoch Dhram

Alias: Darth Reivax

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Race: Human/Nagai

Weight: 175

Height: 5'6”

Eye Color: Dark Grey (transitionally a deep orange with red flecks)

Hair Color: Dark brown, almost black (long to shoulders)

Skin Color: Pale yet, lightly tanned

Birthday: June 8

Home Planet: Yavin 8

Weapons: Two violet lightsabers, which he found after killing the Jedi Knight who possessed them when he infiltrated a Jedi reconnaissance camp.

Profession: Sith Lord

Appearance: Apoch has broad shoulders with a slight muscular build. He wears a dark brown robe over his black sith tunic, and a black leather utility belt with dark red leather compartments. He keeps both sabers at his right hip, and his hood from his tunic up almost all the time. He wears black shin-high field boots.

Personality: Honorable, vengeful, intelligent, sarcastic, and avid in every aspect of his loyalty to the darkside.

Bio: His mother (Nagai) was abandoned by his father (Human) on Yavin 8 as punishment for betraying his trust. Apoch was born there and eventually saw the death of his mother at the age of 8. He survived on what little he could find on the small moon of Yavin Prime. One night he had seemingly given up all hope of ever being discovered, and nearly froze to death lying face first in frosty tundra. At what seemed his last moments of life, he was saved by a stranded trade ship, Last Reckoning, and taken to Coruscant. He become a Sith Lord practically overnight. And has spent the last 13 years killing Jedi and anyone else in his way.

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