Bane Cardelus

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Profession: Bounty Hunter/Mercenary
Era: Legacy of the Force 2889 ABY
Played by: RobLucciofCP9


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Bane was born on the planet Duros into a rich aristocrat family. He was taught many things about the politics, and economics of the galaxy though it never really satisfied his taste's and so he began to dabble into different area's of learning his biggest was that on strategy, tracking, fighting all of which fell perfectly into the category he wished to pursue which was bounty hunting in which he had studied and learning that the planet Duros also once been home to a infamous bounty hunter Cad Bane and so he began to pursue his personal goal to become greater than even Cad bane. Unfortunately his oh so kind family as he found out by accident one day had a plan to have him killed because of how great he was becoming and how he threatened there good life and as of that moment Bane's heart hardened as he quick formulated a plan to accelerate his goals and ambitions as one night he flawlessly executed his entire family and was never caught there fortune falling to him and so using enough of it he was able to begin his new career immediately handing over what was left of his family fortune that hhad not used which was the majority over to the people of Duros and with that flew off of Duros leaving his past behind only now looking towards his future.

—"In all of the galaxy's history there has only been one true constant and that is credits and so far it has always served me well though of course i had to slit a few throats to get there but as i say as long as the pay is good then i don't care what i have to do to get it". The way of the galaxy as thought by Bane —


As of his life to date he continues to his life as a bounty hunter completely content and quickly growing in power and status his reputation growing more fearsome with each day.

Personality and Traits

Bane is always calculating but can be angered or annoyed easily. He always looks at a situation from all angle's before making a move and even when something happens that changes his plans he still is just about always able to turn any situation around to his own advantage. His skin color is very unique as he has both the green and blue skin tones of his race in him in the form of stripes.

Powers and Abilities

Bane is highly skilled in formulating highly advanced and yet also extremely simplistic strategy's. Along with his skills in close quarter combat he is skilled in space combat. He is also able to use the force but only at some of it's lowest lvl's which he has been able to use in some tight situations.

Appearance and Clothing

He wears a pair of rancor skin commando boots that are polished black the skin coming from the rancor he had fought and slain while on Felucia for a job. He had lined the inside of the boots durasteel increasing there durability. He also formed a rancor skin belt from the rancors hide as well it also being polished black the belt buckle in the form of a rancors head. He also formed a neck less from the rancors teeth which he wears at all times. He wears a long pitch black trench coat the bottom of it partially worn from age. Under the coat he wears a durasteel chest plate which is hidden underneath a deep red undershirt which is covered with a raven black vest. His trench coat is lined with multiple slots and pouches to hide and conceal multiple weapons and tools that he uses. His lower torso is armored plated with durasteel leg shin and knee plates which are covered underneath black commando style pants which reach down to his ankles part of his pants being covered by his boots. He wears a wide-rimmed hat also colored black like the majority of his attire with jagged stripes of deep blue along it the blues coloring being so dark unless one looks closely the hat looks completely black.

Weapons and Vehicles

Twin DL-44 heavy blaster pistols (modified) wrist gauntlets, bombs, knives (made from rancor teeth), capture cables, vibro blades as well as a few other miscellaneous items.
Ziz: The Ziz is his third and final ship it being his personal ship he designed and his most used. He had it specifically made for speed, stealth, and rapid fire power rather than being a heavy defender type but has made it where it can have higher grade weapons and armor.

Bane Cardelus
Homeworld Duros
Born "2889 ABY"
Alternate Names None but goes by Bane
Physical Description
Species Duro
Gender Male
Height "5'8"
Hair Colour none
Eye Color reddish orange
Skin Color Green and Blue
Historical Information
Affiliations none
Known Masters none
Known Apprentices none
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