Cassandra Libertas

Profession: Innate Seer
Played by: EclipseDarkmaster

Cassandra Libertas is a Human Jedi Knight that is Overwhelmingly average at first sight. For her twenty years of age, she's not too tall, nor is she overweight, in fact, she tends to be rather Emaciated, due to her general lack of Self-appreciation. Her limbs tend to look Frail, her skin usually Translucent due to malnutrition, This also has caused her hair to thin in spots, leaving the skin of her scalp visible in places between strands of her stringy, white hair. Closer Inspection reveals far more, including a sort of Clumsiness to her movements and the strip of Cloth around her head, that shields where her eyes should be. On the rare occasion that she removes the strip of cloth, two dark voids exist where her eyes should be, showcasing a birth defect that altered her ocular development while still a fetus. For all Biological Purposes, Cassandra is Blind.



—"You will die in a year, you will not be missed" - Cassandra Libertas to A Suitor. —

Born to the Same parents as her elder brother, Cassandra's family seemed to carry a Curse against them, as she was born like her brother, with a defect that would change her entire existence. Born with a Condition known as Primary Bilateral Anophthalmia, Cassandra's family mourned for the Girl from birth, for she possessed no sight through biological means. For a Couple with as high of a Social Standing as the Libertas family, a second child that was totally imperfect was a Blemish that should never have existed. Such was the early life of Cassandra Libertas, A blemish on her family's good image, she was kept away from other people, raised by a Nursing droid in a wing of their house that was kept locked and away from Guests and Visitors.

Never to know the Tender touch of a Mother who actually loved her, She would spend the First Five years of her life in only two rooms, barely moving from one spot unless it was time to be bathed by the Droid or taken to one of many doctor's offices. Such conditions are Tragic at their best, and inhumane at their worst, but Cassandra was kept fed and clothed, so no complaints were raised, yet it slowly started to affect the girl.

Between the Sensory Isolation provided by her Sterile environment, and the fact that Young Cassandra was starting to grow older and more dependent on her senses, Her hearing started to become sharper, her nose more discerning, yet hearing and Scent would not be enough for the Child to avoid Obstacles while moving, and as though a gift from some sort of Higher Source, Images of the world around her started to Flash through her mind. For the First time, she could see the Ugly, tarnished metal of the Droid that cared for her, could see the well-furnished, yet otherwise ignored room, that she lived in. It disgusted her. Shame and Bitterness seemed to wash through her like waves, Despair and Hatred of the world around her started to grow like weeds in a Garden.

It was on her Ninth Birthday, one of the few days that her parents actually spent with her, that her abilities seemed to make a leap forward, as Cassandra started to shake on the floor where she sat, her head turning to her parents. Hide She told them, It's coming… Unused to any sort of command, and unknowing of any abilities that their daughter had, they ignored the words that came from her mouth even as she Stood and Stumbled away, moving under her bed and curling up into the Fetal Position.

Even as she finished curling up, The Earth began to shake and Quiver, the Vibrations growing stronger and stronger as a powerful Earthquake shook Coronet City. Following the Aftermath and Cleanup, Cassandra's parents looked upon their Daughter in a new light, having Tailors come to Fit her with Expensive and Elegant clothing, a Silk masking cloth for her Face to hide her eyes, the works. It was amazing, all that Cassandra could have asked for, yet at the same time, it Sickened her, made her feel used, like a Droid or another one of her parent's possessions. A year passed, and Soon, she was Ten years old, Clothed in silk and hating the entire world around her.

"Early Teenage Years"

It was during Cassandra's Tenth year of life that she started to become moody and Depressed outwardly, having kept it inside before, she started to speak bitterly to her parents and their fancy guests. During this time was when her family started trying to prepare her for Betrothal, taking her to meet men that were older then her, hoping to pass her off for a lady. It was horrid timing for such an Event, as her sight through the force seemed to keep growing during this time, eventually becoming so fine tuned as to enable her to look into the Future of people that came into Physical contact with her, if she resented them enough.

Yet, while this power would usually allow one to see both good and bad, her focus seemed to effect the outcome. Soon, she started to tell each eligible man to come to meet her exactly how and when they were to die, and each time, the men would flee.Between Visions and rejections, Cassandra became more and more depressed, often retreating to her old room and laying in her bed for days at a time, refusing to eat, refusing to move (Save for trips to the Refresher). Yet, as she lay, she never slept, It would be hard for anyone to notice behind the cloth that wrapped around her face, hiding her eyes, but Cassandra was always awake, if only to prevent the dreams that haunted her mind in her sleep.

Worried about her, Cassandra's parents got her put on medication to assist her sleep, and soon, life seemed to be somewhat normal again. The men stopped coming and Cassandra settled down somewhat, becoming quiet and Introverted once more, barely ever speaking. While the Chemicals did prevent her from dreaming, Cassandra's health seemed to weaken from it. Slowly, she became more pale, her hair, once a Flaming red and Curled lightened, quickly becoming a pale blonde that was closer to white then anything else, and straight as a board. Her cheeks seemed to hollow out, and around the house she seemed listless, always needing to move, to make some sort of noise, as though if she didn't, she would be forgotten again.

It was shortly before her Eleventh birthday that Tragedy struck the Libertas household, Cassandra's hands found wrapped around a bottle of the Same Drugs that she used to sleep in peace, the bottle found Empty and a Trail of Drool leading down to the Floor from her mouth. MediSquads were called out and Arrived Quickly, Rushing her to the Hospital and pumping what was left of the drugs from her stomach, flushing her blood clean using a substitute while it was being cleaned. Ever so slowly, she began to heal from the attempted suicide, yet her outlook was darker then ever. Her eleventh birthday came and went.

Nothing seemed to change for Cassandra, at least not in her mind.

"Young Adult years"

After her Attempt to end her own life, life seemed to go on for Cassandra, and yet, unbeknown to her, life was soon to change. Lightyears away, the tremors that her rampaging emotions caused through the Force were felt by several Jedi and Dark Jedi, including Xavier Libertas, The brother she never knew she had. Alerted to her presence, The System's Jedi Started to make his way towards Corellia, while Xavier finished what he was doing, completly across the Galaxy.

Forced into Isolation once more by her parents, the Rickety old Droid that had cared for Cassandra during her childhood became, once more, the only contact that the Usually-silent girl had, and Arranged for her to get materials to find some other outsource for her Frustrations. Painting was what Cassandra chose over all else. For Hour after Endless hour each day, she put her brush to the Canvas, month after month, each time allowing the images in her mind to reveal themselves to the world, each painting growing more grisly and horrifying to her parents, who would check on her just once a week.

The Jedi never arrived, no one ever has. So Cassandra sits, alone and filling her room with the Macabre portraiture that keeps her mind from the Haunting that it would otherwise recieve. Every moment she doesn't spend occupied is a waking nightmare for this poor, tortured child. Blessed, and cursed, by the Force.

A Short time after her Sixteenth birthday, the Girl's life was once more changed. Very much against her father's wishes, a Jedi knight by the Name of Lucinda came to Corellia to Find something odd that she had felt. What she had felt was a Burst of Cassandra's tainted power, confused and in pain, burning brightly through the Force. The Young girl was close to the Dark side, and needed help. Barging into Cassandra's father's mansion, Lucinda had been trapped in an argument, one which even Cassandra could hear, even though she was completely down the hall. Taking the matter into her own hands, the Girl had thrown herself through her window, frail body collapsing on the grass outside.

Taking the Girl's broken body from the Premises, Lucinda Ensured that she'd survive the Trip to the Temple, and proceeded to take Cassandra there, to the Main Enclave of the Jedi's power. For treatment, for help…to keep her power out of the darkside, they struggled. The Struggle seemed in vain for several years, yet they continued. Healers, Council Members…Cassandra was a special case, such an extreme of power, but so unfocused that it had damaged her mind entirely. It took three years, but the Treatment was successful. Awakening from her slumber after one session, her voice was clear, unfettered by the characteristic trembles that had haunted her. The philosophy taught to her by the Jedi, the Attempts at healing her by those trained in the arts…they were finished, and Cassandra was born anew.

With her mind now fully intact, Cassandra began to train, and despite her lack of eyesight, progressed Rapidly, even in the ancient arts of Saber combat. When the time finally came, she was suggested for Knighthood, and promoted thusly, in a Ceremony that was at the same time Solemn and beautiful.

Personality and Traits

Cassandra is easily depressed and highly moody, exhibiting signs of Paranoid Schizophrenia. She suffers from Attachment disorders and Tends to remain distant from most other people if only to protect herself. With the Treatment of her mental issues, however, she has become more stable, although she remains prone to outbursts.

Powers and Abilities

Practiced Lightsaber forms: (out of 5)
Shii-Cho: 4
Makashi: 0
Soresu: 2
Ataru: 0
Shien / Djem So: 0

Double Bladed Combat: 0

Force-Sensitive Abilities or practices:
Telekinetic: 3
Telepathic: 6
Body: 1
Sense: 7
Protection: 1
Healing: 0
Destruction: 0

Specialized Skills:
Force Sight
Force Vision (Innate, Untrained and Uncontrollable)
Basic Precognition



1.25" thick, 5.5' Long.

Pink Blade with Silvery Sheen

Cassandra Libertas
Homeworld Corellia
Born Unknown
Died N/A
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 4' 7"
Hair Colour White
Eye Color No eyes
Skin Color Pale Caucasian
Historical Information
Affiliations Jedi Knights
Known Masters None
Known Apprentices None

Weapons and Vehicles

Lightsaber: None

Color: N/A

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