Celke Tarria

Profession: Mandalore
Era: Current
Played by: EclipseDarkmaster



—"Quote" - "Person who said it and who they said it too. —

The Crystalline world of Shogun provided no comfort for the Struggling Bpfasshi woman as she lay in the Small Hut of a house, her muscles straining against the natural processes that were striving to occur within her. Screaming in pain as the contractions hit her body, she gripped the hand of her Male husband, ashamed at this sign of pain, of weakness, yet happier still for it. The midwife had arrived swiftly, with Military precision, and together with her Husband, Kiela Tarria made the next great leap into her life, into the vast plains of Parenthood. The floor was stained with dried blood from former conquests, and the slime of childbirth, but together, the two were now parents, and looking upon the minute infant in her hands, Kiela called her by her name for the first time, kissing her head. Celke

It wasn't long before little Celke was running the house as her own. Between her Father's adoring care for his Darling daughter and her Mother's Constant Affection, she discovered within her first year of life, that she could bring one…or both of them running with a simple squealing shout. It was on her first birthday that her parents decided to move off of Shogun, to head to another Mandalore-controlled planet, if nothing else, then to raise Celke somewhere where a Crystal wouldn't impale her face if she fell, and where they could get some work done.

So Move they did, to Concord Dawn, where Celke's mother continued in training her and teaching her the Basics of life in the Universe, including Mando'a, The traditional Language of the Mandalorian Warrior, and Galactic Basic, which was the usual language of the People of the Galaxy. By the time that she was three years old, Kiela had taught Celke to Speak well, Walk and use the bathroom when she needed to. The Bright child was also able to make her own sandwiches when the meats and cheeses were already cut, and would often help her mother in the kitchen.

On Celke's third birthday, things changed in her house, when the Responsibility of Raising her Fell to her Father, a Dark-haired Human named Voren Tarria. Following the Mandalorian traditions, Voren began to instruct Celke in the Arts of war, Taking the first three years to train her in Special techniques that he had been taught in, and some that he had developed himself. A small, slip of a man, Voren was still strong, and fast as well, and he used that to his advantage. When participating in hand to hand combat with his daughter, Training her as he had been trained by his father, he used the same styles. Therefore, among the fighting arts that she learned, Silent, swift and Deadly while unarmed were at the top of the list.

Yet, Physical combat is by far not the only means of fighting, and Celke's training reflected that, her skills in Armed Melee combat growing at a slower rate then those of Rifle and Blaster skills. Her father, in his Thoroughness, even taught his Young Daughter how to Control Groundspeeders and Smaller spacecraft. By her Sixth birthday, Rather then spend her time playing, Celke had become obsessed with Training, honing her body into a Lethal weapon without the aid of any blades or Blasters

The following years passed in a blur for Celke, her Gifts at birthdays becoming Expensive blades, so well-made that a gentle flick of her wrist would kill someone, or Blasters with Differing attachments, rather then the Dolls of her younger childhood. Yet, even though her body and mind were changing, evolving into the Form of a Warrior, she kept the Toys of her past, keeping them in Pristine Condition above her small Bed.

By the time that Celke's Thirteenth Birthday had arrived, the Child was more then ready to take the Verd'goten, the standard "Coming of Age" Trials, and pass them she did. By this point, she was only Four and a Half feet tall, causing the proctors at her Trial to Doubt her…. However, during the Hand-Hand Portion of the Tests, she was one of the Few who were able to Disarm their opponents, force them to submit, without taking any Hits.

Now, by Mandalorian Tradition, an adult, Celke stayed with her parents, in their house. Working and bringing in extra wages and support, she helped out around the house as well, while at the same time showing an odd sense of Dedication to her work.

Immediately after her Trials, Celke had Enlisted in the Mandalorian army, Hoping to be sent to some far-off planet to fight her People's foes. Yet, due to her stature, she was under judged, Assigned a Secretarial position. Still though, Hope lived on inside of her… One day they would need her on the front lines… or so she dreamed.



On the Eve of her Sixteenth birthday, Celke's opportunity arose as she had hoped and dreamed for so dearly. Assigned to a Unit as a Field Secretary, Celke had been shipped to Togoria, assigned to keep tabs on Military Equipment. However, something went wrong. Upon landing, the Mandalore's ships were set upon by the native Togorians, attacking in a Frenzy of which many of the Troopers had never seen. Still though, They were Mandalorians, and Fighting is what they do, and so they did, Jumping into the Frey and fighting off the Beastial Togorians as best as possible.

It was in this situation that Celke Proved her worth to the Scornful officers, Jumping from a Safe position to retrieve a wounded soldier, using sheer speed and Forceful blows of her hands, the fingers extending like daggers, to fend off further attacks as she Hauled the Wounded trooper back to the ships. Then Picking up a Rifle, she Joined in the battle in full.

By the end of the Day, the Togorians had surrendered to the overwhelming force that the Mandalorian troops had offered.

Having watched her through the battle, one of the Officers that had presided over Celke's Work before offered her another position, that of His Guard. With a simple smile, she accepted, then went back to her duties.

Now a Guard, for an Officer, Celke Served for a year, and then left the Mandalorian Military, setting out to make her own fortune in the Galaxy. Working for a Short while as a Private security guard, she managed to make somewhat of a Decent reputation for herself before heading back to Concord Dawn, Summoned by a message from one of her Former commanders.


Upon her arrival on Concord dawn, Celke was Escorted into the Military enclave, To see the Commanding officer that she had once served under as a Secretary. Joranus Kahn'taal had advanced through the Ranks of Concord Dawn's Military force, and had done so rather quickly. Presenting his offer to Celke, it sounded like a Cakewalk to her. Accepting, she was Given the Rank of Chief Warrant Officer (2nd Class) and Assigned to Serve in two Capacities. Firstly, Celke is a Specialist, able to be assigned to any Unit that may need her Hand-Hand Proficiency. When not on missions, she Trains The new batches of Recruits in Basic Martial combat.

At least, that was how it was supposed to be. Shortly after her transfer, Celke was involved with a Training mission, a simple hunt on a distant world for a Semi-sentient species, when she received news over the Holonet, via her commander. She was to remain on the planet with the Students for a week, before returning, No more, no less. It was a Cryptic message, and it confused the Woman slightly, however orders are orders, and Abandoning the ship and All weapons save for a knife and their armor, which they didn't consider special. It was merely a part of them.

For the week that they stayed, The Students had preformed well, surviving the planet's many natural tests, luckily without losing much more than a chunk or two of flesh. One of the cocky young men wouldn't be able to sire any Children of his own, but that was the price he payed for the lesson he received when he had attempted to put the "Moves" on Celke.

Still, they were tired, Celke from having to teach the idiotic men how to survive in the wild without any help, and the Soldiers from having to deal with their demanding commander. The trip back was silent for the most part, without any communication from Concord Dawn. When they arrived, however, the Group discovered why.

Not all on Concord Dawn, or in Mandalorian space had been particularly fanatical with their love for the Mandalore, and a group had arose while she was away, their leader slaughtering Mandalore in his sleep to take the title and throne as his own. Joranus had taken the time to send her a message, warning her to stay away in a way that wouldn't hurt her or the men she was training. Now though…Now he was dead. Still in the ship that they had taken with them, the Mandolorian soldiers that had come with her were worried. Guards and Soldiers gathered around the Ship, demanding surrender of the Chief Warrant Officer.

No one there wished to surrender, it wasn't like them, it wasn't something they felt was right, but as their Commanding officer moved past, Five foot tall and Filled with rage, they were confused. Celke wasn't wearing her armor, instead dressed in a simple outfit which allowed for Maximum Flexibility. As the ramp opened, the Soldiers in training watched patiently, bemused expressions crossing their face as the first of the blood spurted forth.

The crimson outpouring onto the ground began with a Sergeant, someone whom Celke had considered an ally at one point. Now, he was no more than a traitor, and he would die for even thinking that he could approach her. The Tiny woman was in the Depths of a rage, one that wouldn't stop until the Corrupt moron on the throne was dead at her feet. Sharpened nails split throats, pierced cheeks and straight between ribs, crushing, destroying anyone in her way. She was small, she was fast, and as the Soldiers on board the ship got the idea, they raced after her, Guns Blazing to Assist their commander.

It took Hours to Cleanse out the Royal Palace, and by the Time Celke had reached the Room where the new Mandalore had situated himself, she was literally soaked through with the Blood of the dead, those who had betrayed the True Mandalore. She had shed her Pants and blouse when the blood had begun to harden in the air, limiting her mobility, so when she finally faced the traitor himself, she was rather Scantily-clad.

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