Chaz Solo

Name: Chaz Solo
Profession: "Imperial Knight"
Era: Legacy of the Force 314 ABY+


Unknown to him he was born of prophecy. He quickly learned about his connection to the force but didnt receive much training from his parents who were always on the run and trying to give him a normal happy childhood. When he turned 14 his parents had him wait at a space station for a out going flight they were taking to Sheshian while they got him the tickets. After 20 minutes he began to worry and went to check on them. he found the sector police where there and that the bodies of his mother and father were lying dead on the floor. An officer was holding his fathers lightsaber, so he sneakily made his way close to the man to get it. He quickly grabbed it and ran. He used the force to throw things in the way to help him escape. He made his way for a little while on his own with the money he had and worked for. He was found by Kyzzen and brought to the Jedi to enter the academy. He entered the Jedi academy and learned under Master Jaden. He quickly grew in his abilities and learned much but in their training and journy Jaden's love for a Sith sent them in different directions. He went back to the temple and trained with his friend Kyzzen, before meeting Lauria who trained him and introduced him to the love of his life Liz. The two quickly connected and trained together to learn more about the force. Eventually he met an Imperial Knight named Lucinth Secura who enlistened him to help in the fight against the Sith, as well as the other dark side force users.


Born on the planet of Tython in secracey, his parent Marcus Solo (Corelian) and Adnia Shi (Nagai), kept their son hiden from the Sith. Knowing that the "Light" of the Force was needed in the galaxy to stop the greatest threat the galaxay ever known. He was loved and nature as well as any kid could be. He lived a life constantly on the move. Spending a great deal of time on Naboo, Wayland, and Ossus. His parents never told him why they were on the run, just that they had something the Sith wanted. He quickly learned to use the force to speak to his parents and also knew how to sense things that were good. He has strong emathic abilities that let him know when some one is trying to deceive him.

—"The Light of the force, born of love in the Force's first home. Will Destroy the Greatest threat of his time. Like his ancestor he will quickly become a warrior of compassion and will unite those on the path to true enlightenment." The procecy of Chaz Solo —

Personality and Traits

He is kind, compassionate, and understanding. His determination to become the hero his parents where to him gives him the drive to do what is right. He is a quick learner and a willing student giving respect to others. He dosent do for him self, but will go to any lengths to help others. He believes that it is his responsability to help others and is glad to do it. He has an unwavering disdain for the dark side and trusts no one who uses it.

Chaz Solo
Homeworld Tython
Born 314 ABY
Age 16
Rank Knight Comander
Physical Description
Species Human / Nagai
Gender Male
Height 5' 9"
Weight 178 lbs
Hair Colour Black
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color White
Historical Information
Affiliations Imperial Knight (formerly Jedi)
Known Masters Master Jaden, Master Lauria, Knight Lucenth Secura
Known Apprentices None

Powers and Abilities

He has the ability to use force sence to help him in battle as well in learning about others. He is able to use the use Telepathy and minor telekinesis. His greatest abilities come in his use of pure light sided abilities, being able to sever the force in his opponents, as well as using force light to defeate those of darkness. He can inspire as well as enlighten others granting allies incites making him a great leader. His abilities in the foce are as strong as his ablility to fight. He uses 2 light sabers and fights with deadly precision gained by the insites of the light side. Against opponents who use the darkside his weapon not only is enhanced to harm dark siders, but the light in him makes him 5 times the warrior he normally is. His abilities to heal using the force is enhanced by the second lightsaber he uses.

Appearance and Clothing

He is very youthful and cheerful. His hair is streaked with blue and is short. Though he has very strong Nagai traits the Look of his ansestor Anakin Solo. He wears his black and blue armor with humility and carries 2 blue lightsabers with silver handles. His blue insignia of the rank of comander is polished daily as is his whole uniform. He keeps a very neat and ordered appearance.

Weapons and Vehicles

Other then his 2 lightsabers, 1 a hierloom of his ancestor Anakin that has unique powers against the dark side. the other a weapon he made himself with a Ankarres crystal in it. His light armor is attuned to him and doesnt hinder his abilities to fight at all. He carries little else then his comlink and cred chip feeling no need for many things.

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