Homeworld Ne'Avarah
Alternate Names Lady Of The Forest | Jungle Queen
Physical Description
Species Unspecified/Unknown | Referred to as a Ne'Avariahn by outsiders.
Gender Female
Height 9 Feet
Hair Colour White
Eye Color Spring Leaf Green
Skin Color Sky Blue
Historical Information
Affiliations Jedi Order | Galactic Republic
Known Masters Unknown
Known Apprentices Clone Trooper Kam (Took him under her tutelage to learn the ways of her planet)

Name: Cosmos

Nickname (If any): She has been given many titles, such as the "Lady Of The Forest" or "Jungle Queen" but no one has ever known her well enough to give her a friendly nickname instead of a well known title.

Age: Unknown; she appears to be in her early twenties.

Gender: Female

Birthplace: Ne'Avarah.
(Ne'Avarah is her homeworld, a generally small planet, very lush and green, untouched by modern civilization. It is virtually one huge alien rainforest, albeit a rainforest with huge freshwater oceans. It is teeming with alien life- mostly birds and fish though. It is known and highly sought after for the bountiful and precious bioluminescent stones that, when night comes, could be seen from space, glowing in the water and sometimes large patches of it in the forest, lighting up the night softly. The planet is also highly prized for its' amazingly high fertility. Any plant or growing organism, whether it be fungi or ficus, can grow there. The inhabitant(s) of the planet are known to be very Force-sensitive, and can connect to the planet through it. In truth, the planet itself is a massive, Force-sensitive being, which interacts with the sentient inhabitant(s) according to their desire. The result of this being, the native inhabitant(s) are able to control all the elements on their planet at will. Jedi are also allowed access to this ability when on the planet, but only if they first establish a connection with the planet itself. That is done by becoming "One of it's children", by casting away the confinements of cililization and living by its rules. Sometimes it's even possible, with the help of one of the natives, for those who can't use the Force to become one of its children )

Current Home: Since her quick ascencion to the rank of a Jedi, she has taken to traveling to other worlds in the galaxy, so while most often she can be found on Ne'Avarah, she has been seen on Coruscant, Tatooine, Naboo, and other miscellaneous planets of interest.

Appearance: Cosmos has the figure of a human female, albeit a very tall and slender one. She stands at about a little over 7 feet, and has an average bust. Her skin is sky blue, with a slight tint of aqua-green. Her eyes are large and slightly slanted, bordered by thick black eyelashes on top. They are shorter and less noticable on bottom. She has ears that are a little above average in size, and slightly pointed at the top. Her nose is flat, like a cat's nose, and she has slightly slanted slits for nostrils. Her feet have only three toes, and neither her toes or fingers have nails. Small red tattoos decorate her body, two lines on each of her cheeks, and three small dots on either side of the bridge of her nose. She has pinkish (slightly periwinkle due to the fact that her skin is blue) lips that conceal the large, tiger/lion-like fangs in her mouth. She has short, icy white hair, which, on the right side has a tuft with two small red and brown wooden beads on it. She is also known to wear flowers and miscellaneous birds' feathers in it. She also wears some scanty makeshift feather and leaf coverings over her chest and a loincloth made of feathers and leaves as well. However, that was only when she was a savage. As a Jedi, she wears more clothing, but it's hard to get her to wear too much.. She doesn't like the feel of it, since she's not used to it, and therefore, will only wear small amounts, or very loose clothing.

Personality: She is an unpredictable force to be reckoned with. Her moods can shift as fast and unpredictably as the wind. She is very emotional, as you would expect from someone who has been taken care of and nurtured peacefully by another being their entire life (in this case, it being her planet). She is not afraid to let people know how she feels, and is always very expressive.
In temperament, she is generally tolerable of others, but if she does not know them well, can be angered easily. It takes a lot to gain her trust, and when you become her friend, it is for life. She is ever so loyal to those who are able to befriend her.
When she is happy, she can be spontaneous and exciting; a truley audacious and admirable individual.

Likes: Meeting other species, trying new foods, Ne'Avarah, all living things, plants, animals, and she has a very soft spot in her heart for anything young (children, baby animals, etc.)

Dislikes: Cities, modern civilization, The Emperor, smoke, Coruscant, most droids (she made an exception for C-3PO and R2-D2, since they are more like friends to organic sentients than slaves.), and Stormtroopers/Clone Troopers.

Skills: She works well with the Force, being naturally highly attuned to it. Her ability to connect to it is second to none. She is wonderful at hand-to-hand combat, as well as combat using her lightsaber.
(Her lightsaber is double bladed, the blades being green, and the hilt disconnects into two smaller ones, held together by a long chain (the chain is retractable, so it can be as short or long as she wishes. At full length, it can go up to ten feet long) . The lightsaber blades are long, about three feet on each end of the hilt, and curve sharply downward opposite ways on the ends. The lightsaber can be used as both a long and short ranged weapon, being used in close combat as a regular lightsaber, and from a distance as a swift, double bladed weapon.)

Themesong: Enya - Caribbean Blue

Childhood History: Her childhood history is entirely shrouded in mystery. No one knows where she came from, what species she is (it is thought she is the last, or one of the very few remainders of her race)

Adult History: She has been around for a very long time. Obviously, her species has a much longer lifespan than most species. She was an adult before the Clone Wars; in fact, she was an adult when Obi-Wan Kenobi was still a Padawan.
For the longest time nothing in her life changed, but not long into the Clone Wars, she was soon to find herself in a tangle with outsiders. General Grievous came to Ne'Avarah, as a last resort in which he would be able to stall the opposing Jedi forces until all the repairs to his ship were done. Of course, they did not go unnoticed, and she did not hesitate to try and drive them out. However, Grievous managed to fool her into believing that he was on her side, and was able to use her as a weapon against the Jedi (Anakin, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan; not to mention the Clone Army as well..) for a while it worked, but she discovered Grievous' plans by means of the characters mentioned in the brackets above, and joined them to drive him out. During this time, a Clone Trooper named Kam fell in love with her, and for a while she ignored his subtle hints of affection. It was only after he requested to be taught the ways of her planet (in an attempt to get her attention) did she pay him any mind. She took him off deep into the forest, training him to be and live like her, and the two inevitably fell deeply in love with eachother during this process. However, it couldn't last long, as she had to give up his love to become a Jedi. When the war called the army to a different planet, and Cosmos refused to take part in it, Kam said a tearful goodbye to her.
This was the last time the two would speak to eachother in a very long time.
Cosmos lived alone for a while, but inside she was very, very concerned for Kam. She'd been reminded of Maul, and was scared that since Kam had left he'd never return, thus, she resolved to go find him and bring him back. It was not long after she left that Order 66 went into action, and after some unpleasant tangles that ended in blood, she retreated to her homeplanet. Kam, who was still alive after the war, heard of the attacks she'd made, and was relieved she was still alive. He returned to Ne'Avarah alone, in hopes that Cosmos was still "missing". At first she didn't know it was him, and, traumatized from the other clones that had tried to kill her for "no reason", she attacked him, easily rendering him helpless (he didn't fight back or defend himself) before he was finally able to remind her who he was.
Free now of rules, the two became very close again, and for a while things were peaceful again in Cosmos' life. However, the peace didn't last long. Her location was discovered, and troops were sent to kill her off. Kam literally had to beg her to leave the planet for her safety instead of staying to defend it. In the end, he persuaded he to leave, and the two escaped together. It would be many years before Cosmos would return to Ne'Avarah. (This history does not have to apply in rp's or at all to my character, it is only what I typed up for my Illustration class. We needed to type up a bio for our characters and this is what I thought up. Whether or not you want it to apply is a matter of individual choice, and I'm open for suggestions on alternative twists in her history)

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