Hugo Umbrawa

Profession: Padawan
Era: Legacy Era
Played by: Gods-of-Legend



When Hugo was young he initially had no real idea of just what the jedi did and had no desire to be one. He had been raised to inherit the family business as a fruit trader on his planet. He greatly enjoyed painting while he was little but was steered away from the idea of doing it as a career by his family. Despite this, he still continued to enjoy it as a hobby and continued doing it after he was taken in as a padawan.

His powers over the force were discovered once he had started school. Records initially just showed him to be a very capable liar, but that was not immediately diagnosed as an aptitude for the jedi mind trick, it was simply believed that he was a good liar, which got him many detentions once the truth was discovered. His ability to tune into the force was discovered when he was 10, when in an argument with another student both began shouting at each other using their war throats, however the other only made noise whereas Hugo threw the other one across the playground.

After that incident, people immediately acted fearful of Hugo, leading him to fall into deep depression. He was locked up in his house alone, and told nothing other than "People will come to see to you." He had no idea what this meant. As a result he too grew fearful and withdrawn from others, leading to a shy persona which he maintains to this day. He was utterly shocked when envoys sent by the jedi council came and informed him that he would be trained by them. At first Hugo was very afraid, but he was not given a choice. Initially he was scared to leave his home and friends, but he realized that after the incident he no longer had any. Reasoning that he hadn;t really wanted to run a fruit stand anyway, he decided to just go with it.

Personality and Traits

Hugo is a very shy person and tends to be very quiet most of the time, especially around new people. Even with people he's known for a long time he is very soft spoken and cannot be heard well in loud areas unless he raises his voice which he does not like. He has a love of animals and nature, as well as a love of the arts, specifically painting and the theater. He spends a lot of his free time painting and goes to plays whenever he can.

Powers and Abilities

War Throat: Combining the war throat of his species with the force, Hugo can create powerful shock waves, capable of decimating things in the path of the mighty blast. The shock waves are long and drawn out, lasting as long as his breath will allow. Afterwards he is very drained as he needs to catch his breath, in addition to the ability using a lot of his command of the force.

Jedi mind tricks: Even before he became a padawan, he showed a high aptitude for the mind trick.

General use of the force: As he trains to be a jedi, his ability to use the force will improve.

Appearance and Clothing Generally like this, although rather short and scrawny. On his right wrist he wears a silver bracelet which reminds him of home.

Weapons and Vehicles

He carries a double bladed lightsabre modelled in the style of darth maul's, but its beams are green.

Hugo Umbrawa
Homeworld "Ithor"
Age 15
Alternate Names Bear (A nickname given to him which he doesn;t like)
Physical Description
Species "Ithorian"
Gender "male"
Height "4'11"
Hair Colour "no hair"
Eye Color "green"
Skin Color "brown"
Historical Information
Affiliations "Jedi Order
Known Masters "Unknown"
Known Apprentices "None"
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