Name: Jade Shysa (Mandalorian)
Formerly known as Darth Zylann
Profession: Bounty Hunter "Mandalorian Marauder"
Era: Legacy of the Force


She was born and trained by her mother in the ways of the mando. Early on her mother noticed her force powers and took her to a friend who taught her how to tap into her abilities. When she turned 11 her mother was killed and she went out on her own. She met a woman who had much knowledge and power. This new influence taught her and Gave her the new tatoos that cover her body. These Sith Alchemy runes slowed her ageing and helped her heal faster as well as enhanced the force use in her. She trained for several years to become the hunter that she now is. When she reached the age of 14 her new mistress sent her on missions. Recently she was given a device that sent her back in time to do a task for her mistress taking only her personal gear and a cred chip with a large some of money. Now she is in the past and she is left with many decisions to make.


Born on Mandalore. in the year 425 ABY she grew up adopted by a mandalorian Bounty Hunter Named Naomi Shysa. Jade quickly took to the Mandalorian life style. She Had several friends that she became close to. Her Zeltron Blood gave her the strong passion for life and made here very popular with the boys and girls. She used her charisma to get what she wanted and loved the lure she had on others. When she learned the force from Darth Nitra she quickly used her new powers for her own ends.

Personality and Traits

Cool and calculating, yet seen as out of control and reckless. She knows what she is doing snd uses her beauty to get what she wants. She is very dedicated to her roll in the mandalorian ranks. Like most of her people her word is her bond and she wont break it. That is why she is very reluctant to give it. She sees others in a very logical way, as a means to an end or a temporary asset. She is truly a warrior at heart and lives by a warriors code. She was trained most of her life which left her without much emotion, so if some one is able to break through she might be able to finally show her true self.

Jade Shysa
Homeworld Mandalore
Born 425 ABY
Age 15 (18)
Alternate Names Darth Zylann
Physical Description
Species Akranian offshoot / Zeltron
Gender Female
Height 5'8"
Weight 145 lbs
Hair Colour Green
Eye Color Green
Skin Color White
Historical Information
Affiliations Mandalorian (formerly Night Sister)
Known Masters Darth Nitra
Known Apprentices None

Powers and Abilities

She has heightened sences in the force alowing her great reflexes and reaction times. She is near impossible to surprise. Her physical abilities are also enhanced from the Sith alchemy as well as from her training. She can hide her force presence as well as sence others very well, making her a force tracker. Her abilities are not outward but inward helping her and she has the dark side abilities to rage and transfer health as well as drain the force from others. She can resist most force abilities and is hard to manipulate. Her runes gives her the ability to share anothers force ability as long as she is touching thme.

Appearance and Clothing

Very athletic and well toned body. She has green tatoos of runes all over her body. They are of a unique type of ink made with kaiburr. it is very small amount but gives her a bost in her powers. Her hair is long and straight. She wears her armor when on a job but wears only peices of it all the time. She has no jewlery other then a small emerald nose ring.

Weapons and Vehicles

2 lightsabers Green blades with Eralam and exile crystal. (known for enhancing ones battle prowess, it also is only attuned to her) 2 DL-44 heavy blaster pistols. Mandolorian (beskar) armor of green and Black.

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