Jasper Macen

Profession: Bartending & gaget fixer
Era: unknown
Played by: blackbloodyrose7


She has been working as a pro Bartender for 5 years & is expert with her hand eye cordnation. most would easily think she is a guy by her lack in femanem clothing & her well equipt skills over some tecno.


she grew up in a foster home after her parents fought as sith in the war & dieds soon after. she was always caught with toys taking them appart & adding new parts to them such as taking a wined up toy & a broken simple toy plane & make it turn into a wined up plane


she hadn't done anything in the current years being as she just turned 20. she had no plans on children or marrage at the moment. she spends most of her days thinking about how to make her life much better & for others as well.

Personality and Traits

she has a hard time connectiong to those around her at times. she is likely to be that friend that starts a short 2 person conversation. she understands the goodness & willingness in others but most of the time she trys not to show her weakness or anything else.

Powers and Abilities

she is what you might see as your basic human. she has no powers but she is quite flexable & trys to keep up her training to keep that way or else she wouldn't be able to escape if needed in an emergantcy

Appearance and Clothing

Jasper's clothing is consisted with usualy at the bar is a normal male's tux with no jacket. in training her out fit is a tight sleevless shirt that stops 2 inches under her chest along with short shorts. when working on tecno stuff she is in a tube top with overalls with out the straps on her shoulders

Weapons and Vehicles

she owns no vehicles but she carries a small staff that extends to 6 feet. it has a small cross on the handle & shortens to 1 foot. it is made of pure silver & was given to her by her father as a simple weapon

"Jasper S. Macen"
Homeworld "unknown"
Born "unknown"
Died "not yet"
Alternate Names "J. Jasp. Jasy"
Physical Description
Species "Human"
Gender "Female"
Height "5'2"
Hair Colour "black"
Eye Color "purple"
Skin Color "slightly ivory"
Historical Information
Affiliations "none"
Known Masters "unknown"
Known Apprentices "none"
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