Ka'eo Kari

"Ka'eo Kari was an orphan who was taken in by Avatar Xross of the Jensaarai. With Xross leaving and having no signs of coming back any time soon, he has taken things into his own hands to keep the Jensaarai alive."

Profession: Saarai-Karr of the Jensaarai
Era: Legacy
Played by: Shigure-Sohma



Ka’eo has no idea who his parents were, they abandoned him as a baby on Nar Shaddaa. He was taken in by some missionaries and raised until he was eight, then he couldn’t take it anymore. He left and lived on the streets, surviving eight years by himself, stealing to survive. He was never one to steal more then he needed, only enough to survive. When he was sixteen years old he met a man named Xross, who took him in and taught him the ways of the force and accepted him into the Jensaarai. He was been training hard learning quickly and training every day. He had even taken to wearing a cloth over his eyes so he had to rely on the force to see. He only takes it off if he is home or knows he is safe. Ka’eo’s mission in life is to be a worthy part of the Jensaarai, willing to put them before anything else in his life. He is totally devoted to them and will constantly strive to prove himself to the others. He learned a lot, and tried out new things, sometimes without supervision http://shigure-sohma.deviantart.com/art/Ka-eo-s-Morning-120353681 . Ka’eo left on a mission to Coruscant where he trained with a Jedi Master named Akaron. This is when he first met his nemesis, Darth Molzula. Ka’eo found out that this Sith planned to take over the universe with his master. They got into a fight and Molzula won, slicing Ka’eo down the chest. Akaron came to his rescue and Molzula took off. Ka’eo was taken to the hospital where he was forced to remain by Akaron and his friend who was a senator. The Jedi council was able to locate Darth Molzula on Coruscant, and they told Master Akaron to go to him, since Darth Molzula used to be his apprentice, Lanik. Akaron went to find Molzula and fought him. Akaron could not compete with his ex apprentice. He had become stronger since he last saw him. Eventually Akaron figured out something shocking, Ka’eo and Molzula were brothers. At that moment his heart gave out, and he collapsed to the ground. Akaron was put in the hospital bed right next to Ka’eo, where the two healed together, practicing on meditation and different force techniques. After they were finished healing, Ka’eo had to go back to the Jensaarai. Where he arrived in the middle of a fight between Xross and Serenity were fighting against Varexx and Silence. Others were involved, but none of them mattered, this was a grudge match, and Ka’eo walked into the middle of it. After the fight, their home was destroyed on Nar Shaddaa. Xross already had another base picked out, this one was an asteroid in the middle of an asteroid field. Ka’eo continued to train every day, eventually meeting a woman named Jade. He fell in love with her, and they became wonderful partners, going off on a mission to find Xross’s siblings. He knew that he had to look within the Sith, and to do that, he had to find his nemesis, Darth Molzula. So they flew to Coruscant looking for Akaron, and they sat down and had a talk. Master Akaron told him everything about Molzula, and it crushed Ka’eo. His own brother was a Sith and was planning to kill many just for power. It made him sick to think how someone with his blood was able to be a Sith. Akaron told Ka’eo that he could find Molzula on Nubia, because that was where the Jedi Council was able to track him to. So Jade and Ka’eo flew their way off to Nubia, where they were met with no resistance. They found the planet was evacuating, for unknown reasons. They found a Sith enclave where they discovered Molzula’s lab, where he must have been creating something. Ka’eo found a vial of blood that was unlabeled, and knew this would some day be of importance. They then went to the cantina which was pretty empty, except for the bartender and a few people that looked like they didn’t care about a planet wide evacuation. They talked to the bartender as if they were newlyweds that were on their honeymoon and were wondering why everyone was leaving, and the bartender told them everything they needed to know. They were all going to the planet of Lehon, apparently Darth Molzula was up to something. They then took off towards Lehon, and when they approached it, they found something hovering near the planet. They knew it had to be where Molzula would be, so they flew towards it, and that’s where everything went wrong. The ship started to have issues, and soon they found they were crashing into Lehon. Before they crashed they were able to scan the space station that was above Lehon, and it was the Star Forge which had been rebuilt. The crash injured both Jade and Ka’eo, and here is exactly what happened http://shigure-sohma.deviantart.com/art/Ka-eo-Stranded-on-Lehon-128515714 . Ka’eo was captured in a skirmish with Molzula, and Jade had no choice but to run. He was tortured numerous times by Darth Molzula in attempts to turn him to the dark side. Ka’eo resisted for quite some time, but he eventually turned to the dark side, now able to work along side of his brother as Darth Nimbus. As a way of torture and to reward him for joining by his side, Darth Molzula gave Ka’eo a new armor. It was Vonduun Skerr Kyrric crab-shell armor http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Vonduun_crab_armor , that he had acquired in an unknown way. Ka’eo accepted it and vowed to vanquish Molzula’s enemies, which were the other Sith. Molzula had attacked Korriban and was planning on attacking another Sith planet soon. Darth Molzula knew he had to conquer the Sith before he could conquer anyone else. Ka’eo had a secret, that while he was with Master Akaron, the Jedi paid him to sabotage Darth Molzula, and to bring him back to the light. Ka’eo left holocrons telling the location of the Star Forge and the way to calibrate the ships against the disrupter field during their next fight, which he told the Sith he would do in their next encounter. He was paid nicely for his services and soon the sith army came to attack them at their base. Ka’eo watched as the sith destroyed the star forge and they went to complete their next mission, making sure the sith would not be able to figure out how to make those creations that Darth Molzula was known for. They flew to Kamino and started grabbing all their info from the scientists, but before they could get out of there, the sith had already arrived. They ran through the facility looking for anything that the sith should not be allowed to get their hands on, and they found something. An AI, designed for the republic to hold all their records. They grabbed it and ran for their ship, barely escaping with their lives.

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They then went back to the Jensaarai base where Ka’eo got to see Jade, and their new son, Kamal. Ka’eo took several days off to spend time with his family before he knew he had to react again. He and Kamal flew off to have a meeting with the Republic. Ka’eo knew that he needed to get the Republic, the JedI, and the Jensaarai to join forces against the sith, and he knew that the other two would rather die then ask for help from the other. So he decided to be the envoy, meeting with General Jek of the Republic and convincing him to join the cause. He then went to meet with the JedI and showed them that it would be a wise decision to join together, and soon The Alliance was born. They are in talks currently to try and organize their forces.

Personality and Traits

Cool, calm, and collect, but if something upsets him, he will draw power from his dark side. He is also a natural leader, able to sway the opinion even of heads of state.

Powers and Abilities

Has worked on many different aspects of the force, but the one that is his strongest power is when he learned through his teachings with the Jensaarai to harness power during battle from an emotion. Ka’eo perfected berserk, going almost insane with a blood rage in battle, killing anything that is in his way, even his own men if they are there. A significant amount of his training came from Lanik while he served with the sith.

Appearance and Clothing

He wears black corotosis armor, and nothing on his head, allowing his silver hair to be a mess all over. He has golden eyes, and a cut on his cheek where the Crab shell armor had cut him. He has a slight tan, as if he has spent time in the sun.

Weapons and Vehicles

A blue light saber is the only weapon he carries.

"Ka'eo Kari"
Homeworld "Kiffu"
Born "314 aby"
Died "NA"
Alternate Names "Darth Nimbus"
Physical Description
Species "Kiffar"
Gender "Male"
Height "6'0" "
Hair Colour "Silver"
Eye Color "Gold"
Skin Color "Tan"
Historical Information
Affiliations "Jensaarai"
Known Masters "Avatar Xross, Acolyte Zelos, Avatar Xanith, Avatar Serenity, Lanik (aka Darth Molzula), Kamal, and Master Akaron"
Known Apprentices "Moebacca"
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