Kale Prudii'aden

Profession: Mandalorian
Era: The Old Republic [24,000 BBY], Legacy era
Played by: halfnakedninja



Kale was born on Coruscant roughly around 23,987 BBY to a family of Taungs. He was of age when the battle with the rest of the Battalions of Zhell took place for control of Coruscant, making his coming of age ceremony was to storm an enemy outpost alone with only his mythosaur axe and a Mandalorian assault rifle, but he managed to do it and came back with the ceremonial blaster rifle of the outpost's captain along with a large ceremonial blaster. His childhood soon ended after wards when he joined the Mandalorian Crusaders after moving to the planet of Mandalore along with his kind.


Kale was one of the original Taung Mandalorian Crusaders, he was one of the first Mandalorians to exist. He was also one of the first to serve Mandalore the First in the Mandalorian crusaders and participated in the original war for Coruscant where a stupid mistake on a mission nearly caused him to lose half of his squad and receive a near-fatal wound from his massive squad leader with a mythosaur axe that put him in a bacta tank for nearly a week. He later got his leader back with permission from a higher up with his own axe, killing the man and taking his place as an extremely strict leader. It is rumored that he once put a soldier in a bacta tank for a month just for nearly causing an entire battle to be lost over a simple mistake. In a few years he was still a normal sergeant under Mandalore the First and his personality hadn't changed very much at all.

Personality and Traits

He is a straight-up soldier and won't tolerate any crap from any subordinate. He is often known for being an extremely strict squad leader and as a result has a clean mission record with few casualties. He also has a slight annoyance with non-Taung Mandalorians, seeing them as impure, but he tolerates them anyways.

Powers and Abilities

-Advanced hunter: He has highly advanced hunting skills and can hunt down just about any
Profession: Mandalorian Crusader

Appearance and Clothing

He is a heavily muscled Taung warrior with gray skin, steel gray eyes, and a mythosaur skull tattoo made from the dried blood of a mythosaur itself. He also wears a set of dark gray Mandalorian crusader armor and has a scar on his chest he received from his former squad leader for getting half of the squad killed on a mission in the past.

Weapons and Vehicles

-Mythosaur axe
-Mandalorian Ripper (x2)
-Mandalorian assault rifle
-Vibro Mace
-A ceremonial blaster rifle of an unkown model that he took as a trophy from his aliit ori'shya tal'din (coming of age)
-A large ceremonial dagger he also aquired from his coming of age ceremony
-Gray mandalorian crusader armor

-Basilisk war droid
-Tra'kad with upgraded power source, sublight drive, hyperspace drive, two added M-g-2 general-purpose warhead launchers, and a Mass-driver cannon. It also has upgraded Mon Calamari shielding.

Kale Prudii'aden
Homeworld Coruscant
Born N/A
Died N/A
Alternate Names N/A
Physical Description
Species Taung
Gender Male
Height 6'3"
Hair Colour No Hair
Eye Color Steel Gray
Skin Color Gray
Historical Information
Affiliations Mandalore the Guardian's Mandalorian Army
Known Masters Mandalore The First
Known Apprentices N/A
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