Name: Kyzzen "Prince " of the Black Sun
Formerly known as Darth Raith
Proffesion Vigo of the Plack Sun and right hand to his wife.
Era: "Legacy of the Force" Year 183 ABY+


Kyzzen was born (or rather placed on Sentyyr in the unknown regions) another of the 5 created by the Sith Archon to be a killer and loyal servent. He was rased by a Disciple of twilight who knew of what he was, but didnt tell him. He was lead to believe that he was Villzir's son. He was trained in the use of the force and exceled easily. His matery over shadows is rivaled by none. After many years of training he was forced by his "father" to hunt and kill a rival. When he found out that he was betrayed, and that his "father" was colecting a bounty on his head he returned and killed him. He left at once for the planet Karvoss II. He knew of the Matukai there and wanted to learn how to fight better. He trained with them and after a few years he met with allies on Vortexx were he joined the Black Sun as a hired killer. For many years he was happy to make good creds just being a hit man in the employ of Glarn Zlind a Camasi Vigo for the Black Sun. He worked for the man for 25 years before the day that changed his life. Being use to betrayal he always double checked every thing he was going to get himself into. so when he found that a sith by the Name of Darth Kaliss was the person who wanted his hit done he dug into why. What he found out was that Darth Kaliss was a female twi lek of some ambition and she had her hand on a holocron that described 5 sith that were created and placed to be awakened as kids in different areas of the galaxy at different times. She was wanting to gain control of these "Sith Hands" to use to help her establish her power in the sith. Well aparently one was him. So Knowing who he know was he decided to try his hand at power in the sith. He worked for her and learned what she had to offer but eventually knew the time would come when he would have to kill her to gain his freedom. He used the Black Sun to do two things help him kill her and to kill his old boss, so that he could take his place as a vigo. Knowing that he was strong enough to take control and wanting to eventually take the Black Sun over completely he made deals and secretly killed his way ahead to better a life. It took him 45 years of slow methodical preperations to get what he wanted but in the end he became the Prince of the Black Sun and is still the prince nearly 20 years later.


His childhood was one normal for a gifted force user. He quickly advanced in his studies and spent little time out side his training. He never played much as a kid prefering to learn everything he could. His idea of playing was to use his abilities to mess with others and make them upset. As he grew he never was raised to know compasion or understanding. Rather he was raised to be loyal and ready. He was made to know who he worked for and how to accomplish what needed to be done. He after many years of seeing girls but not knowing how to react to them decided to get to know one. She was very pretty and had great sexual appitite. He fell for he but then found her cheating on him with his cousin. He attacked them and hurt both of them and never spoke to another girl in any way other then just to get his physical needs met. His childhood was over very quickly with the way he sees the world around him evern though his race ages very slowly his mentality didnt.

—"I am in charge now, so i dont give a rats ass to how Prince Thynor did things. In fact the next one of you to bring it up can join him in his nice new home 6' under. Is that understood?" - " Prince Kyzzen to the Vigos of the Black Sun. —

Personality and Traits

He is quiet, calm and calculating. Like others of his kind he is mysterious. He prefures to be unknown in how he will respond and every now and then change things up that others wouldnt understand. His drive to run the Black Sun was seen as power hungry and greedy but in truth his desire was to see how long it would take him and how easily he could do it. He is methodical knowing he has all the time he needs to do what he sets out to. He has only love for his new wife Saris and daughter Nalla.

Powers and Abilities

He Has the Ability to create and control shadows. making then almost tangable and uses then in his battles. He has great abilities with using mental sugestions to control others actions as well as erasing there memories. Not many ever see or remember seeing him. He is a master of martail arts of many forms. He studied under the Matukai and has enhanced his physical prowess with the force. He also has learned to heal himself as well as others.

Nydal Kyzzen (last name is sir name)
Homeworld Sentyyr
Born 183 Aby
Age 20 (147)
Alternate Names Darth Raith
Physical Description
Species Jyrkesh
Gender Male
Height 5'7"
Weight 144 lbs
Hair Colour Black
Eye Color Solid Black
Skin Color Black short fur
Historical Information
Affiliations Black Sun (formerly Sith)
Known Masters Nydal Villzir, Darth Kaliss, Ryu Shomar
Known Apprentices Darth Tethos, Aarn Durnn

Appearance and Clothing

He has short black fur that is barely noticable accept to the touch. his hair is short and his eyes are cold. He is very agile and wirery. He is double jointed and flexible, and rarely stands at full height rather slouching a little. He has long pointy ears and sharp teeth. He wears nice silk clothes of different styles and dresses the part of a prince having a large wardrobe. All of his clothes are specially designed with a filament fiber that helps protec as a light hidden armor. Electrical equipment such as his data pad, holocom , and remotes for his vehicles are hidden in his clothing.

Weapons and Vehicles

He carries 2 lightsabers that are deep purple in color, 2 Sith tremor swords, and several discblades that are cortosis made. He has access to any number of speeders and ships and has a large sum of creds.

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