Lanik Kari

Lanik Kari is a fallen Jedi who worked with the Sith and eventually became a name to be reckoned with. Lanik rediscovered the Star Forge and used it as the center of his Sith Empire. Led the Sith Civil war and was defeated causing him to side with the Jensaarai and his brother Ka'eo.

Profession: [Consultant]
Era: [Legacy]
Played by: [Shigure-Sohma]



Lanik was born on Kiffar to two young adults. He was an accident, and his father always reminded him of that. The only escape he ever had growing up was learning under the JedI Master Akaron. Akaron became like the father Lanik never had, being there for him even when his own father would turn his back on him. Lanik was filled with hate, and Akaron knew it, he tried his best to keep Lanik on the path to being a great JedI. When Lanik turned twelve, his parents had another child, a boy named Ka’eo. His parents paid more attention to Ka’eo then he ever got. Ka’eo was the wanted child, and it pushed Lanik over the limit. He stole Ka’eo and hopped a ship to Nar Shaddaa, leaving the baby there, Ka’eo never having received his facial tattoos like Lanik, so he would never be able to find his way back to his family. Lanik went back, and dealt with his parents always crying about their missing son, and for five years he put up with it, but then he could take it no more. He struck down his parents in a fit of rage, making the turn to the dark side at the age of seventeen. He then stole a ship and piloted it to a planet that was supposed to be deserted due to the overwhelming dark side presence that remained there. Once there he would call Almas his home for ten years, living amongst the ruins of the Almas Academy, digging through the ruins and finding holocrons that taught him the ways of the Sith. He learned a lot, including Sith Alchemy, preparing himself for the future domination of the universe. During his time on the planet he met several force ghosts, all sith. One was even the great sith lord, Darth Revan. Apparently he had spent decades on Almas. Revan led Lanik to his secret library, where all the dark lords secrets were revealed to him. However he knew he needed a master, so he had direction. He was still young and knew that he would not be a true master until he served one. He traveled from planet to planet for a year, looking for a Sith Master, killing many on his search. Eventually he found one, and he was powerful, but his name was never to be spoken unless you wished to be killed. Lanik was taken in by the master, receiving the name, Darth Molzula. He trained under his master for five more years, learning to manipulate the mind and other peoples force.

—"To kill me is not enough, you would have to kill my presence in the force as well, otherwise I will come back as a force spirit and kill you!" - Darth Molzula to Darth Silence during the sith civil war. —


He went to Coruscant to meet with Governor Sprinzer, a corrupt public official that was willing to turn against his own planet to gain more power with the sith. While they were discussing their plans a young jedI came in, and threatened to ruin everything. So Molzula decided to take care of the issue and they fought. Molzula could sense the anger that lurked inside this young jedI, and it seemed he was strong with the force, but it was wild, like he did not have the training to control the power he had. Molzula used it to his advantage. He convinced him to use his anger to fight against him. At first he resisted, but eventually fell to the anger when Molzula killed a hostage he had tied up. Molzula gained the upper hand and sliced the young jedI across the chest, opening up a long wound. If it weren’t for Akaron showing up at the last second, he would have been killed. Molzula noticed who it was and before Akaron could do anything, he was gone. Molzula was surprised his old master had a new apprentice, but paid it no attention. He and the governor finished up their business on Coruscant, Molzula handing over sith alchemy technology to him. Then he felt his old master nearing the area. He told the governor to leave on the ship with the cargo, that he would handle the jedI. They fought, pleading with each other to join their side, neither budging. But again Molzula was able to get the upper hand, but deep down inside himself, he could not strike down the only man that was like family to him, so he left Akaron clutching his heart as he had a heart attack. As Molzula was leaving, he entered Akaron’s mind, learning the identity of the young jedI. His name was Ka’eo Kari. Molzula’s long lost brother.

Personality and Traits

Dark and sinister. There is a little light inside of his body, but it was thought to be hopeless to try and bring out. Ka'eo, his brother, was able to start and bring that good back to the surface, and Lanik now wishes to repent for his sins. Soon the universe will see how Lanik will pay back those lives he took.

Powers and Abilities

Lanik is a Sith master with his main focus on using Sith Alchemy.

Appearance and Clothing

He is usually seen wearing black robes, shrouding his identity, but when he fights, he pulls it off, throwing it to the side, revealing skin tight black clothes, accentuating the little amount of muscles he had. His hair is silver and long, pulled back into a ponytail. His face was adorned with the facial tattoos of his family, however, he has altered them slightly to make them look more sinister.

Weapons and Vehicles

He carries Duel crimson red bladed light sabers. He owns a sith intercepter that he has modified to his own benefits with a science lab on board his ship. He also has a landspeeder and another vehicle of death that he designed himself during the sith civil war.

"Your Name"
Homeworld "planet"
Born "304 aby"
Died "NA"
Alternate Names "Darth Molzula"
Physical Description
Species "Kiffar"
Gender "Male"
Height " 6'2" "
Hair Colour "Silver"
Eye Color "Gold"
Skin Color "Pale"
Historical Information
Affiliations "Sith and Jensaarai"
Known Masters "Master Akaron"
Known Apprentices "Ka'eo Kari, Replica, and Azrael"
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