Maxun Izak Galorion

Name: Maxun Izak Galorion
Pronunciation: "Max" "oon" "Issac" "Gall" "Orion"
Alias': Max, Izak
Relatives: Acrer Lod & Adrius Pru Galorion, father and mother both deceased, father killed by mother, mother falls to the darkside and gives birth to Maxun's half sister (mother dies of complications), who grows to be a Sith Apprentice known as Darth Venora.

Profession: Member of the Jedi Order, a student, and a consortium of the force

Era: 330ABY

Created,illustrated, and played by:


Maxun Izak Galorion was born 311 years after the Battle of Yavin. He came into life orphaned, and without knowledge of his parents. He grew up on the temperate planet of Baroonda within a much more secluded village… away from extenuate technological feats. At the age of 8 he was involved in a raid that devastated the orphanage along with everything he knew. In a last courageous stand he defended his friend, Erin, from a squad of Dark Sith Soldiers who had infiltrated their home moments after the siege had begun. Maxun had his right arm severed in the process, but was saved in the nick of time by a Cathar Jedi Knight known as Darvus Pasvel. Maxun awoke within the Halls of Healing in the Jedi Temple on Abregado-Rae. His arm had been saved and re-attached, and he was greeted by the Cathar who had saved him. Good news filled the ears of the lad as he was granted permission by the council to train as a padawan, under the teachings of the Order. This, undoubtedly, hastened his recovery. He went on to attain a Jedi Knight status after a risky ploy to save council and jedi members from the temple on Coruscant; from where he had currently trained until the evil ambitions of expelled, Jedi Robert Skywalker, sacked the planet's major republic city and occupied a number of his forces there. With the aid of unknown ally Nios, a Gray-Jedi from a secret order, the plot proved successful, and Maxun was anointed soon after. He lives on, at the the age of 23, to continue his journey as an advocate of the force, always facing each test and each obstacle without question.


—"Focus determines your mental reality. It can be used to harm or aid you depending on your choices. Actions around you can lead the mind unwillingly to anger and greed… enabling you to be an excited pawn in it's eternal game of chess." - "TheCaretaker to 8 year old Maxun during a training session on Coruscant." —

At the time the 8 year old Maxun had neared recovery, he had been given some time to sight-see while at his stay on Abregado-Rae. It was at this time that he came upon a friend he would soon charish in his years to come. Her name was Taryn Nalani, a padawan at the Jedi Temple whom had decided to join him as they traveled about. Needless to say Maxun at his age though innocent and full of life, still managed to find himself a bit of mischief. A "wrong turn" you could say, found the two in a forgotten part of the Jedi Order, where they discovered an Ancient Holocron designed years ago to train padawans. Needless to say, these old trials befell upon them and the two were forced to pass them. At the end of the day however the two would part, and Maxun would accompany Darvus Pasvel to Coruscant, where he would begin his initial training with the CareTaker, apart from a Jedi Knight, to train him in the ways and in the aptitude of the force.


—""So how do you want to do this? Half in half?"…"Or maybe we should make it a contest.."… "Or, we can just run… I've always enjoyed a bit of parkouring on a fine day in Tatooine…" - "Maxun to Nios as they were confronted by Skywalker's Imperial troops" —

Much of Maxun's adventure's began at the age of 18. He had as of yet not obtained a master, but nonetheless instituted great aptitude to the force. Enough, suffice it to say, to be qualified to go about on his own missions, which were typically further risky as Darvus stepped in to sway the Council's acknowledgment. Maxun's first two missions had yielded him with two Sith confrontations. The last confrontation ended in his shoto blade diced in two. Having done so to the point where the typical person to recreate his weapon had had enough, and so Maxun followed the rumor of a man down in the depths of the Jedi Temple who knew how to fix lightsabers. It was here he met an old Sage known as Kane. Who swiftly fixed the blade, replacing it's outside lining with a thin layer of cortosis and strengthening it's output with a stronger battery reserve before requesting a duel to have the young padawan test it out. the two made their way out onto a platform outside of the Jedi Temple to where their spar engaged. During the fight, the sage allowed to force to create a fog around Maxun, blinding him before prying into his mind. Maxun fell to his knees and re-lived the horrors of his life as he'd never done before.


In a wrathful counter, Maxun hurled a devastating force push which eradicated the floor and tile before reaching Kane. The old sage raised his hand, wounded and humbled before he got up and left Maxun to ponder while he tended to his wounds. Sometime after these events, in the training room within the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Maxun was greeted by Jedi Knight Master Kage, whom conversed with him for a moment on the knowledge of the force before inviting the padawan to a lightsaber duel. The two sparred, Maxun unearthing uniform speed and elegance with his tri-mastered skill in Trakata and Jar'kai implemented with his form IV. But in the end he was swiftly drained of stamina, as was his ultimate weakness when using such a style. Maxun learned to choose his attacks more wisely next time, but nonetheless enjoyed the invaluable lesson. Many missions and duels transpired after wards, a chase down at the Outlander bar in Coruscant after the wrong man known as Rift, flees in terror, allowing Maxun to mistake him for the supposed Yori Moonasuph, whom the Council had originally intended for him to capture, a spar with fellow Jedi padawan Zergryth transpired and ended in a draw, and a leisure trip to Tatooine ended up in another Sith confrontation, this time with the help of Jedi Padawan Lance Phoenix-Antilles. Most notable during Maxun's young age of 18 was when he met with Nios. A grey Jedi not of his order who had important information on Robert Skywalker's fleet after his attack on Naboo. Having claimed to know his old Catharian friend Pasvel quite well, Maxun put his trust in the stranger before him, to which later proved useful as the two ended up having to fight their way out of Tatooine, as a small squadron of Imperial Guards managed to follow Nios after his previous endeavor. Later on Maxun returned to Coruscant only to find that Skywalker had managed to maneuver his fleet over the atmosphere there as well. Determined to aid in the Temple's evacuation Maxun makes a daring move toward the fleet, finding an open gap with the aid of Nios once again, who had managed to board a neutral YT in the midst of Maxun's initial escape. Eventually the two found their way onto the surface, we're they make a daring rescue. Sometime after their success, Maxun is anointed a Jedi Knight, after taking a series of trials on the Council orders will…

Personality and Traits

Head strong and Passionate. Galarion has always held the code of the Jedi in it's highest regard. A born leader and a devout teacher, his wisdom and humor are his highest merits. He never fails to astonish fellow Jedi with his positive outlook even in the face of grave and utter danger. To the Sith, he is both a nuisance and a nightmare. To his fellow Jedi however, he is destined to become a great and worthy ally, but more so, a valuable friend.

Powers and Abilities

Maxun typically carries a single lightsaber. The initial one he had created in the Caves of Ilium as a padawan. Other known weapons include a personally customized L-23 blaster pistol variant that had it's scope detached and a variety of specs re-wired for optimum stability and fire capabilities, while maintaining a stable size and weight for concealment. On rare occasions Maxun will take a shoto lightsaber along with him, to which he uses to check his opponents when in the ferocity of battle. However, in the long run the force and his skills as a Jedi are ultimately the only weapon he'll ever need.
When it comes to lightsabers, his skill in the form of Trakata and Jar'kai are his most masterful styles when used in conjunction to his Form IV swordplay, he will often use a slightly modified shoto blade in conjunction with his lightsaber to optimize his Jar'kai fighting style. He is fast paced and relentless during his fights, and often trains in cardio to keep from wearing down too swiftly.
His deadly mixture of all three types of styles in conjunction with force adaptation make him quite the unpredictable foe, but this typical fighting style though is meant to dispatch his foes swiftly, and can easily take it's toil on him if he is facing off against a masterful foe. Nonetheless, he is most well known for his interesting and unique way of fighting, using Trakata in such an elegant display so as to confuse his opponents by switching on and off his saber, but when combined with his Jar'kai and Form IV skills, makes it all the more challenging to determine when and where he'll strike next.

Appearance and Clothing


Weapons and Vehicles

Maxun was issued a old Jedi, Actis-Class Starfighter which he had continued to build upon and maintain throughout the remainder of his years. Typically favoring the starfighter above all else, Maxun refused any newer models, saying "That this baby had seen me through more wars and battles then you could ever imagine, and with the help of R9, she's invincible!" Suffice it to say, Maxun had a standard issue R9 Series droid which he also preferred. Refusing to be enlightened with any newer models.

Homeworld "Baroonda"
Born "311ABY"
Died "Undefined"
Alternate Names "Max, Izak"
Physical Description
Species "Human"
Gender "Male"
Height "6ft., 2in. "
Hair Colour "Brunette"
Eye Color "Black"
Skin Color "Tanned"
Historical Information
Affiliations "Jedi Order, has done business w/Unofficial Jedi Orders"
Known Masters "TheCaretaker, Jedi Knight Kage"
Known Apprentices "Students"
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