Moebacca is a Wookiee that is ten years of age, that has been training with the JedI. His master and he have been training since he was around five years old, learning the ways of the force. They were on a mission to get intel about the sith in the region when they were attacked. The ship sustained heavy damage and Moebacca was injured. His master picked him up and put him in an escape pod and jettisoned him out into space. His master kept the sith busy while the pod was able to make it away. The sith then destroyed the ship and Moebacca was alone.

Profession: [Jensaarai Acolyte]
Era: [Legacy]
Played by: [Shigure-Sohma]



Moebacca was born on Kashyyyk and grew up with parents that adored him. He was a normal child, very eager to learn. When he turned five a JedI master came to the planet, and took interest in Moebacca, sensing the force was strong in him. The JedI master spoke with Moebacca’s parents and convinced them to allow him to train the young Wookiee in the ways of the force. He then took Moebacca to Coruscant and began his training. Moe, as he was affectionately called by his master, learned to use the force quickly, his eager nature caused him to be a wonderful student, never wishing to stop training. For five years he trained under his master before they were given a mission to gather up intel for the JedI council, at which point his whole world came crashing down upon his head.

— "Moe seems to have a high midi-chlorian count, interestingly enough, it‘s higher then mine." - Moebacca’s master to his parents —



Personality and Traits

Moebacca is playful, and always happy to learn something new. He wants to make his parents proud and someday go back to Kashyyyk a hero. He keeps a cool head until he becomes emotional about something, and then he tends to go Wookiee crazy on people.

Powers and Abilities

Being a Wookiee allows for incredible strength which he is working on increasing. His master has taught him some of the basics, force push, force pull, etc. He still has a lot to learn, but those skills he does know he practices quite frequently and is told he is learning at a faster rate them most padawans.

Appearance and Clothing

Moebacca wears light brown jedi robes from his training with the Jedi. His hair is brown with dark brown streaks running through it. His facial hair has the same streaks on it, giving him an almost tiger like look.

Weapons and Vehicles

He owns no vehicles, but he wields a gold bladed light saber, and a blaster pistol.

Homeworld "Kashyyyk"
Born "323 aby"
Died "NA"
Alternate Names "Moe"
Physical Description
Species "Wookiee"
Gender "Male"
Height " 5'3" "
Hair Colour "Brown"
Eye Color "Brown"
Skin Color "Brown"
Historical Information
Affiliations "Jedi and now Jensaarai"
Known Masters "His Jedi masters name is kept a secret, but he is currently training under Ka'eo"
Known Apprentices "NA"
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