Niamh Cathey

A bona fide

Profession: An initiate of the Jedi as well as a creative heart, the girl's a jill of all trades and master of none.
Era: Legacy of the Force
Played by: ~sikoro


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Personality and Traits

She's a quiet girl, very to-herself and a steady player. There's not much she lets on to, wide eyes usually fixated on perceiving and drinking in the sights than engaging in them. Self-conscious and perhaps far too considerate, she's prone to reading too deeply into the matters of things, seeking reason where none prevails. Niamh practices intuition through the use of pictures, drawing constantly when her hands aren't fiddling with devices or her holos; the girl loves music and desperately so, finding it to be one of the greatest joys the galaxy has to offer.

A relatively eager book learner, it's because of her inability to jump into something that she really hasn't succeeded as a straight to the point Jedi, preferring only to use the Force when it comes naturally, instinctively.

Powers and Abilities

Empathy, attraction, subtle plays of mind control… All are the traits of a full-blooded Zeltron, and all are within the girl's sphere of possibility. Although a child in all regards, she's sharply attuned to the emotions of others… and thus finds solace when she's not around other people.

Appearance and Clothing

There's a tangled mess of curls and waves that pander from her head and down her shoulders, painting her crimson features in a messy spiel of disarray, yet when she smiles — when those rounded lips curve upward and reveal just a dash of confidence in her otherwise quiet exterior — a surreal positivity strikes the air and warms the senses. She carries the Zeltron appeal with an hour glass figure, body wearing evidence of an active, enthusiastic lifestyle. She has long legs and small hands with finely tended nails and a certain grace to their movements; she's an artist by trade, and the way her digits cross something reveals a deeply appreciative trance, defiant of her search for knowledge in lieu of experience. There's a certain drag to her, something fiercely restrained, but she's too meek to be so wild.

Her usual attire consists of a white shirt with rolled-up sleeves, followed in sync with skin-tight shorts and a loose-fitting belt that shows signs of heavy wear and tear. A bag sits at her shoulder with thick straps and a heavy pouch, concealing within its depths several broken light saber hilts and an array of intriguing little things.

Niamh Cathey
Homeworld Zeltros
Age Approximately thirteen to fourteen years.
Alternate Names N/A
Physical Description
Species Zeltron
Gender Female
Height 152.2cm
Hair Colour Dark brown
Eye Color Neutral green
Skin Color Dark red
Historical Information
Affiliations New Jedi Order
Known Masters N/A
Known Apprentices N/A
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