Raz Azrael

Name: Raz Azrael (son of Xross and Serenity)
Formaly Known as Darth Razvan
Profession: student of the force
era of play
"Legacy of the Force" (the Jedi Order)


Azrael the first son of Serenity and Xross was born under under difficult circumstances. His father was cloned and the clone came to Serenity posing as him and took the new born child by force c section. The clone Darth Varexx along with Darth Nitra took Azrael and used Sith Alchemy to create a clone of him and to accelirate his aging process to use him as a weapon against the Jensaarai. Darth Silence & Darth Varexx took on the roles of mother and father as they all trained him in the use of the dark side. He was trained to only know hate and viloence. He was trained brutally and with out rest for most of his life. They mentally reworked his thoughts so he would believe what they wanted him to believe. Then after a year they sent him out believing he was fully their slave. His mission to infiltrate a Sith hidden on Nebula. He made an aliance with Darth Molzula in which he became the general of a new sith army bent on conquest. He inturn for his obediance was enhanced by sith alchemy. He then when the time was right took the sith fleet to atack Koriban so that his parents could used this battle to gain control of the divided sith and set up a new Kingdom. He sent half of the fleet, the worst of them, to die in this battle and took the other half to a new base where he could create the army for himself. On his way to meet with his parents he met the woman that changed his life. "Stato" They quickly feel in love and got married.

Personality and Traits

He had known only anger and revenge for most of his life, so when he found love it changed him. To his love he is peaceful, kind, and loving, but to others he is viscious, cold, and vengful. He Is very determind and purpose driven. He care to better himself all the time and is learning every thing he can through the force to make himself the ultimate weapon. He feels that he will never be at the point of perfection, but if he strives for it every day then he will be better then every one eles.

Powers and Abilities

He like his father has stong abilities in Telekinesis, and Force sences of the Miraluka. He also has natural gift over technometry, psychometry, and can hide from all things electrical. He has learned power over the element of air and can create lightning amd use the air to create strong cyclones in the force. His fighting style alows him to channel the lightning through his dual lightsaber. He has dark rage and transferance and is strong in the dark side. The sith Alcheny has increased his abilities to heal and made his body close to perfection and even slows his aging dramatically.

Raz Azrael
Homeworld None
Born 330 ABY
Age 17 (1)
Alternate Names Darth Razvan
Physical Description
Species Miraluka, Chiss, and Sith
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Weight 185 lbs
Hair Colour Red & Black
Eye Color Forest Green
Skin Color Midnight Blue
Historical Information
Affiliations Jensaarai (formerly Sith)
Known Masters Darth Varexx, Darth Silence, Darth Nitra, Tempor Kull, Xross, Stato, Serenity
Known Apprentices none

Appearance and Clothing

He has a very muscular, athletic build. His dark blue appears black and the red glowing sith alchemy runes are covering his entire body. His eyes are peircing and his gaze is strong. He has wild hair that never looks combed. He wears pants that have peice armor and his armor that covers parts of his chest is like the rest. It is black cortosis armor with red paterns making it apear to be serpent looking. He wears black boots and has black fingerless gloves. When he asends into his full birth right his skin turns black, and his armor becomes dragon styled. His Hair also changes and becomes longer.

Weapons and Vehicles

He carries A black dual ended light saber that has red energy made from Kuribur crystals. It seperates into two halves. He also has cortosis armor He also has Cortosis armor and carries only a few other things of importance. His Ship [looks like Jade Shadow] is a decked out space yatch designed for comfort and protection. It is black with red markings.

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