Sev ; Delta 539

Profession: Clone Commando, Alliance Commander
Era: Rise of the Empire (clone wars) 45-0 bby, birth of the rebellion 0-5 aby, Legacy of the force. 395+ aby
Played by: Delta539



Sev has had a gruesome history. It all started when he was on the Clone Army's first days at war; on Geonosis. Sev led the Republic's finest troops; the 501st, into battle. He was called in to give anti-armor support to the republic's elite squad of commandos; Delta squad, to get them out of the CIS stronghold. They were pinned down, and on his way, several spider walkers and hellfire droids surrounded him, and wiped out his entire unit. Only he survived, but he had a broken arm, and he wasnt in a position to fight, but he went in. He followed his orders to the letter, and with the remaining rockets he had, he wiped out most of the CIS armor. With that, he signaled to his brothers that he needs medical assistance, and then everything else that happened that day is a blur.

Only a few years later, when he fully recovered, did he "accidentally" access restricted Republic files and found out about order 66. Shocked by the act of treason his fellow brothers are gonna commit, he vowed to himself that day, that when order 66 comes, he will leave the republic, and seek to start an alliance to help him fight the soon to be "Galactic Empire."

Personality and Traits

Serious. Always focuses on the task at hand. Follows all orders given to the letter.

Powers and Abilities

Sev can use the force, but his experience with it has only been for a short time. He is currently learning how to use it.

Appearance and Clothing

Wears Katarn-class Clone Commando armor, styled the exact way his brother, Delta 07 had, with the blood from a mighty Krayt Dragon. Never takes his armor off.

Weapons and Vehicles

DC-17m Commando blaster rifle, DC-17m Commando Ion pulse sniper rifle attachment (transforms blaster into sniper rifle),Knuckle plate vibro blade (small blade that comes out from the knuckle of his armor), DC-15s pistol.

Delta 539
Homeworld Kamino
Born 45 BBY
Alternate Names Sev
Physical Description
Species Human Clone
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Hair Colour Unkown
Eye Color Unknown
Skin Color Tan
Historical Information
Affiliations Republic 501st Clone Commando's and the Rebel Alliance.
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