Shi'Ari McCloud

Name: Shi'Ari McCould
"Disciple" of the Jensaarai
Profession: Not Appliciable at this time
Era: "The Legacy of the Force"
Played by: Brenna-Bear


From the bowls of Kamino, this young Miraluka talent was created by the will of her dying mother. During her time period on Kamino she felt as if she was tortured. Being poked, prodded, vaccinated, and overall humiliated. The Kaminos saw her as a defect, with no vocal cords, and pretty much useless in their eyes. Seven years passed as she had to endure this since she was an infant, being rescued by her older brother Zelos "Fox" McCloud, and his wife Drea. Several years went by, a trip to Kamino within those years she had been chemically forced to grow older, now that she is 18 (going on 19), she has had her eyes opened to the possiblities of the Force. Her relationships with the Jensaarai resemble much to her as a family; although she is growing closer to someone she had hardly expected. She is now a Disciple of the Jensaarai and is fairly eager, yet nervously awaiting her upcoming trials to Acolyte. Many tests and trials have been run past her before, but this one was far more important.

—Am I valuable to you? » she asked, her voice shaking slightly. «And don't give me the 'good question' stuff and then change the subject…please. » she added. // «Blast; You're catching on to my evasion technique. » he sent back humorously before falling to a more serious tone. «To tell you the honest truth, Shi'Ari, you are. » and that was his only reply, the words ended after that. // - " Xanith and Shi'Ari talking, the afternoon after Spider attacked. —

Personality and Traits

Calm (LAWL sometimes), collective, and cautious, some of the traits that define a Miraluka, but barely defines her; This now happy-go-lucky/emotional-roller-coaster of a teenager walks around the halls of the new Jensaarai Base on Hoth; She has grown significantly since her last encounters with others, she has also grown significantly close to Xanith. She's fairly outgoing and, if she's in the mood, loves to train with her lightsabers as well as physical and emotional training under Xanith's supervision. She seems nervous on the upcoming Trials, and hopes she does the best with it, she has relaxed somewat since she had the advice (Can't remember who said it) to relax and do her best. She tries her best to impress others, as well as her higher ups.

Powers and Abilities

Inhereted Force Sight from her dominant species.
Quick learning from the cloning on Kamino (They genetically engineered her that way).
Inhereted other personal traits from humans.

Appearance and Clothing

Reference in the Picture on top right. (GOING TO BE UPDATED (sooner or later..go to my deviantart page for more.))

Weapons and Vehicles

Two Force-Ignition Light-sabers that connect together at the hilt, obtained by her brother. One of them is 'broken', once her shoulder feels better she'll fix it.

She has no vehicle, she rides in Xanith's A-Wing.

Shi’Ari McCloud
Homeworld Kamino
Alternate Names Mouse; Kid
Physical Description
Species 3/4 Miraluka 1/4 Human
Gender Female
Age 19
Height 5'2
Weight 95lbs
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Color No Eyes
Skin Color Light Tan
Historical Information
Affiliations Jensaaraii
Known Masters Zelos McCloud, Xanith, Kyzzen
Known Relatives Zelos McCloud, Drea
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