Stato Ninx

Name: Stato Ninx
Played by: DreamGirl303
Profession: Student of the Force
Era of Play: "Legacy of the Force" (the Jedi Order)

Personality and Traits

Stato is a strong-willed individual, adept to the ways of the Force, and quick to learn how to use the Force for her own desires. Her powers are not limited to conventional skills of the Force, but are limited only by her mind. She creatively uses her knowledge and understanding to find new uses of the force, such as using object levitation and manipulation to use her lightsaber without holding it.

Powers and Abilities

Object and Self Levitation and Manipulation, Force Push, Force Pull, Force Block, Force Propelled Levitation, Force Concealment, Telepathy, Force Choke

Appearance and Clothing

Stato Ninx is thin and currently wears tan training robes

Weapons and Vehicles

Two shoto sabers, and a regular saber (more info to come)



Stato had accidently found her way to the house on Coruscant where her family lived under Jedi protection after the Sith tore through their farm leaving nothing in their wake. There she had started the quest her mother had given her when Stato was one with the force. It was there that she realized the force had run freely through the members of her family. She realized there that her parents were force-sensitives, but never formally trained. She knew she had to go back to her family property if she was to reach the end of what her mother wished for her to find, and finally bring peace to her past. So, that is how she ended up in a hanger on Corellia, with her saber, and a small handwritten letter with her parents’ address as the return. As she walked towards the edge of Coronet, she again ran into Drea and visited with her for a little while, before parting company. Stato chose to keep her personal mission a secret and had only told Drea she was there on personal business. After Stato parted Drea’s company on Corellia, she walked the remaining way to the edge of Coronet, still not ready to face the maglev trains. From there, she found Davin Creel, a twenty-something farmer who offered her a ride to the Plains, after she stopped him for directions. She did not tell him where she was going, only that she needed to get to the Plains. They talked about common place ideals on the way, but Stato knew Davin picked up on her need to be secretive. As he drove, she took glimpses at the tall, brown-haired, green-eyed man and smiled to herself. She felt a warmth of comfort and felt the need to take a glimpse at what he was thinking about. She ignored her desire and respected his privacy. The sun was setting as they reached the Plains. He looked at her, “Are you sure you don’t want me to bring you to where you are going?” Stato nodded, “I’m sure.” She wasn’t sure what the past held, and did not want to make more trouble for herself. She got out, and started to walk towards the setting sun.

Davin stood quietly, as he watched her pull her cloak over her head, and started to walk. <Just ask her, you stupid idiot! It’s not like you want to marry her.> “Stato…” he called after her, and he smiled as he saw her turn around, “Do you know where you are goin’? How far is it from here?”

Stato turned as he called her name, and responded, “Um…I’m sure it’s not too far…and um,” she laughed softly, “I only have an address, but I figure my feet will take me there.” Davin asked her, “Well, will you at least take my couch for the night? My parents are home and they would be really upset if they knew I let you go off into the night with no direction.”

Davin hoped she would accept. She was very quiet on the way here and she had an air of mystery about her, not to mention a familiarity. Davin wanted to learn more about her, and the day was ending. He heard her stomach rumbling and knew his mother was cooking right now. They could eat, and talk some more, and she could rest up before embarking on her walk, maybe he could even convince her to let him drive her tomorrow.

Stato had let her guard and her manners down. <…Mamma is cooking dinner…> she stopped herself at that thought. “Is there a possibility I could trouble you for some food?” she asked, as she rested her hand on her rumbling stomach. She knew the answer already, but felt it polite to ask. She watched as Davin smiled and nodded. “Then, sure. If you are positive I won’t be trouble, I will stay on your couch.”

Stato grinned as Davin started walking towards the nearby farm house. He had taken her to his house. She followed behind him, and entered the simple abode. She took a seat on the couch as Davin went to find his mother. As she looked around, she noticed an eloquent quilt hanging on the wall. She stood up and walked over to admire it closer. As she reached up to let her fingers trace the intricate stitching, a voice spoke out, “My mother made that right before she passed away.” Startled, Stato turned and saw a fifteen year-old boy, who had a cybernetic arm. “I’m sorry, I didn’t…” Stato spoke softly, and ended up trailing off, not knowing what to say. “It’s ok. I’m Wodi,” he smiled and held out his real hand. She walked over and shook it. “I’m Stato.” He grinned, a sad grin, as if he was remembering something. She was going to ask what it was, but they were interrupted by Davin and his mother. His mother simply said that dinner was ready when they were, and they all moved into the kitchen. Davin’s mother’s name was Sei and his father’s name was Kador. As Stato found out during dinner, Wodi was their nephew and had been living with them after his family died when he was four. Stato let them talk about what they wished and kept her own questions to herself.

After dinner, Wodi excused himself to go repair some of the droids, while Sei and Kador excused themselves to bed, with the warning not to stay up all night. Davin and Stato sat down on the couch, and Stato spoke softly, “Your family is wonderful. But, if I may ask, what happened to Wodi and his family?” Davin frowned slightly, “He and his family where involved in a maglev accident about eleven years ago. His parents and his sister perished before help could arrive. Wodi was in the hospital for about a year, learning to use his arm and all that.” Stato nodded, and swallowed hard, “Was there another accident that year?” Davin looked into her eyes, “No, that was the only one. It was weird too, as the particular vehicle had passed the safety inspection the day before. Why do you ask?” Stato closed her eyes, “I think I was in that accident as well.”

Davin nodded, “The car was full that day and there an answer to what caused it still hasn’t been declared, even though the investigation has been closed. Well, I shouldn’t keep you up any longer. We get up early, but if you want, we’ll let you sleep in the morning.” Stato shook her head, “No, I should get up early. By chance could you tell me how to get here?” She handed the address to Davin, who looked at it with a hint of surprise. “Why do you want to go here?” Stato looked down, “If you don’t mind, I’d like to keep it to myself. I just need to go there.” Davin nodded and wrote down the directions for her. “Sleep well, and I’ll see you in the morning.” With that, he disappeared down a hallway, presumably to his room to sleep.

<No, you won’t.> Stato thought, as she wrote a very brief thank you note, and quietly slipped out of the front door and into the night. She walked through their fields, like the directions told her. From there, she turned north, and found an old stone path. The directions told her to follow them for about an hour before turning east. She walked through the second field, and by the time she reached the outer edge of it, the moon was on its decent down. <Maybe I should have just let him drive me there…> Stato turned northeast and walked through brush, as quietly as she could, but her ankles kept getting tangled in weeds and became scratched. She thought about levitating herself, but this was a pilgrimage, and as such, she felt the need to savor every painful moment of it.

As the breaking dawn lit her path, Stato noticed a run-down farmhouse. She walked up to the door, where she found a for-sale notice. Apparently this house belonged to a family of with the last name of Creel but has long since been vacant. She pushed the door open, hoping to make sense of Davin’s directions. She sat at a dusty table, on a wobbly chair, and put the paper down. “Go over the path…yes I did that…turn east…did that…walk through wild-growth…did that…find a run-down farmhouse…did that…looks like I’m where I need to be, but why the last name of Creel? I’m a Ninx…” Stato couldn’t understand it, and rested her head in her hands, feeling hopeless.

She heard the door creek, and immediately jumped to her feet with her saber drawn, and ignited. “Who’s there?” she called out. “Stato?” a familiar female voice spoke, “It’s me, Sei Creel, Davin’s mom…” Stato retracted her saber, and stood almost frozen, as Sei continued. “We woke up this morning and you weren’t there. Davin told me you were coming here and you were in the Maglev accident…” Stato nodded, and Sei smiled. “You are a Jedi?” Again, Stato nodded, but finally found words, “I’m only a padawan.” Sei down on the couch covered with a sheet. “This was my sister-in-law’s house, Wodi’s mother. She lov…” Stato cut her off, “I’m sorry, but I…what do you mean Wodi’s mother’s house?”

Sei spoke but Stato didn’t hear what she was saying. Instead, Stato’s eyes fell on a cradle and she saw in her mind, not what it looked like in her present, but what it looked like in her past. She was standing by it, the cradle edge reaching just her shoulders, as she looked in. She heard herself whisper, “Don’t you worry little Tal. Your sister will take care of you for as long as she lives.” She saw herself tuck the blanket around his infant body. “Tal…” present-day Stato spoke aloud, “I had a brother, and his name was Tal…”

Sei’s face dropped, and she hoarsely whispered in exclamation as she stood up, “Ellia?” Stato looked back at Sei, “No, I’m Stato…Stato Ninx.” At this Sei sunk down, “No, Ellia. You are Ellia Stato Creel. You are a Creel. I knew you last night at dinner. A splitting image of Asori! You are Wodi’s sister! You are my niece! My little Ellia!” Sei was crying as she took Stato in her arms. Stato just shook her head, “No, I’m Stato…Stato Ninx,” she kept repeating, feeling sorry for the older woman, who clearly lost her mind.

Stato slipped out of Sei’s arms, “I’m sorry. But, I’m a Ninx. I know I’m a Ninx. That part has been confirmed for me. I may not know anything else, but that much I know to be true.” Sei shook her head. “No, my child. You were always a Creel. Every part of you is a Creel. Come back to my house and learn the truth about who you are. I’ll make you breakfast, you must be hungry.” Stato’s face showed interest at the mention of food, and Sei’s face lit up. “Yes, there’s the proof. Creels never pass up an opportunity for food. It’s in our blood, the love of good food and good company.” Stato didn’t know why, but she got in Sei’s transport and headed back to her farm. The trip took Stato all night on foot, but it only lasted twenty minutes by transport.

Three hours later Stato had a full stomach and was laughing with her aunt, who had just told her a story about how Stato had gotten her stuck in a jelly jar as a toddler. Sei’s face became serious as she walked to the shelf and pulled out a book. “I don’t know why I kept this, Ellia, but your father started to write it before the accident. This belongs to you.” Stato took the book, and opened the pages. As she read, Sei quietly left the room.

The front page contained a note in a small-type handwriting, “My dearest Ellia, I want you to know that I love you. Family is above all the most important thing in life. Wealth, status, success mean nothing without family. In this book, I will write your story, so you know who you are. Remember that no matter what happens you always have a place and purpose in life. You are the greatest gift to your mother and I.” Stato’s eyes watered up as she read her father’s words.

“The breaking dawn light shown through the bay window of a small residential apartment in Coronet, warming the tired face of Rogan Creel. Earlier in the week, he and his pregnant wife, Asori, had traveled from their farm on the plains of Corellia to Coronet to petition for help with the drought. Asori was eight months pregnant, but for some reason, she now laid in the bedroom with the medically trained friend they were staying with, screaming in pain. Four hours earlier, Asori’s water broke, soaking both her and Rogan, and he immediately woke up Bel Horn and brought him into the room. Since then, Rogan had been pacing in the living area, listening to his wife’s moans and screams. Birth was always hard on the women, but Rogan thought it was harder to have to listen and be able to do nothing about it. He moved to the couch and laid down, closed his eyes, and tried to block out his wife’s screams. His body shook from his nerves and he ordered a droid to pour him a drink. As he was taking his first sip, his wife stopped screaming and a small cry came from the room. He walked over to the door, and, Bel stepped out. ‘It’s a girl,’ he said smiling. Rogan walked into the room and saw Asori, with her legs still propped up, holding their first-born. He went to lay down next to his family, kissing his wife’s forehead as he did so. ‘Hello, my loves,’ he said as he took his daughter in his arms for the first time. ‘What should we name her?’ he asked his wife. ‘Ellia Stato,’ his wife whispered tiredly. ‘Welcome, Ellia, I am your dad and I will take care of you as long as I live,’ he whispered to the now sleeping baby in his arms.

For the next three years, Ellia and her parents lived a peaceful life on the plains. Her mother gave birth to a boy and named him Tal Wodi Creel when Ellia was a year old. Ellia never strayed too far from the farm, and always looked after Tal. When Ellia was four and Tal was three, the family relocated to Coruscant under Jedi protection, when a group of Sith burned the farm fields and ransacked the house while the family was out of town. The motivation for the attack was unknown but Rogan and Asori knew it had to do with the children. They were both retired Jedi, and chose a farming life in order to raise children. Now, the family lived in a safe-house, confined to secrecy. The Jedi Order provided new identities for them. No longer were they apart the Creel clan, but were known as Aves, Sena, Stato, and Wodi Ninx. Rogan and Asori felt the need to keep the children’s real names, instead of giving them new identities to keep a sense of who they really were. Not to mention, it was easier for Ellia to just call her brother his middle name. In the apartment, the two children played hide-and-seek. Ellia would always hide in obvious places so Tal would be able to find her. Her favorite place was in a small closet, and she would conveniently leave the door open. When Tal would have problems finding her, she’d whisper just loud enough for him to barely hear her, ‘Wodi…over here…’ Ellia and Tal did not know about their family’s problems and were too young to understand. They just knew they had each other. The next year passed quietly and one day Rogan came home and told Ellia and Tal they were going to go on a trip for Ellia’s fifth birthday. They were going to the Gold Beaches of Corellia. What Rogan did not tell them was that the trip had a high but necessary risk in order to retrieve important documents from the family home…” There the words ended, and Stato understood what happened next.

Stato Ninx
Homeworld Corellia
Born 313
Alternate Names Ellia Stato Creel
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 5' 7"
Hair Colour Auburn
Eye Color Emerald
Skin Color Pale
Historical Information
Affiliations Jedi (Currently no direct contact)
Known Masters Dak
Known Apprentices None
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