Valencia Lightfield-Baker

Name: Valencia Baker
Profession: Imperial Knight of Asguardian Empire
Era: Legacy of the Force
Ex-Husband: William Maundrell
Father: Robert Baker
Mother: Christina Lightfield


Valencia was born on Naboo to Christina Lightfield and Robert Baker. She is the oldest of seven children. She had two sisters and four brothers. She had decided to enlist in the Imperial Army when she heard the speech that High Imperial Knight William Maundrell had given. She understood what the High Knight was saying and decided to become an Imperial Knight. She understood that the Jedi were more for politics and keeping the Jedi Council out of harm's way but the Imperial Knight Army was all for saving those who they loved and cared about.

—"Father, undestand this. I am not going to join the Jedi ever because they are not fighting for what's right. They are fighting to keep the order of politics. I have never supported the Jedi and I never will. I am an Imperial Knight and I will always be one even when I die!"-Valencia Phoenix Baker speaking with her father as she was leaving home at seventeen. —

Personality and Traits

Kind, caring, loving, fiercely protective of her family and squadron, fierce in battle, and very battle-drawn as well.

Powers and Abilities

Valencia Lightfield-Baker
Homeworld Naboo
Born 302 ABY
Age 28
Alternate Names Val
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 5'8"
Weight 195lbs
Hair Colour Fiery Red
Eye Color Deep Green
Skin Color Golden golden brown
Historical Information
Affiliations Imperial Knights
Known Masters Will Maundrell
Known Apprentices "none"

Appearance and Clothing

She has a birthmark in the shape of a star on her left shoulder, biege and green jedi robes with a green halter top underneath them; sometimes wear a cap over her hair with hair braided into two ponytails or wear a scarf most of the time. She also has a tattoo of her grandparents who died in battle fighting for their lives on her back.

Weapons and Vehicles

Blue and Green Lightsabers; carries two blasters that her father had given her when she left home at the age of 17.

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