Ventus Demuran

Character Name: Ventus Demuran

Alias: Darth Aven

Era: Legacy Of The Force

Birthday: June 10th

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Home Planet: Coruscant

Height: 6'00"

Weight: 150 lbs.

Eye Color: Emerald

Hair Color: Brunette

Appearance: Ventus has long black hair that hangs to the middle of his back, where as his bangs end at the middle of his nose. Having deep muscular undertones to his body, various lines and indentations are present across any visible skin. Ventus has a light tan skin complexion and a scar over his right eye. The only distinguishing part of Ventus is that his left arm is from a droid. Having lost it previously in a mishap, Ventus replaced it with a modified Droideka Gunarm. As far as clothing is concerned, Ventus wears Mandalorian battle armor along with a black hooded, sleeveless cloak overtop. Around his waist is a dark brown leather holster for both of his lightsabers.

Personality: Intelligent, malicious, obedient, and stoic.

Weapons: Dual lightsabers with sentinel hilts and green focusing crystals.

Bio: Before becoming an apprentice to the dark side, Ventus was previously a Padawan. After continually letting his master down, Ventus had finally had enough. Finding that his master would rarely teach him anything useful and constantly badgering him on his malicious behavior, Ventus confronted the Jedi. Upon fighting with the one man that was more like a father than any other man in his life, Ventus had his arm struck off and was left with a scar over his eye. During the fight, Ventus fled and decided to one day get revenge. Ever since then, he had searched for an appropriate master to teach him the dark side.

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