Willem Ordo

Willem Ordo is the name of an shadowy troopers exploring the Outer Rim of the galaxy. He was one of the lost Clone Troopers who should have been commissioned in the Clone Wars. The purpose of his existence is still to be discovered.



Willem Ordo had no real childhood. As with his clone brothers, he was bred and trained for war. He displayed a strong individualistic personality however, and the Kaminoans who bred him feared this. He even displayed minor differences in appearance to the other clones. At some point, Willem was separated from his brethren, and was taken to train in an elusive planet. There he met a creature who merely described himself as "Yuzhan Vhong". His memories of his past end here, resuming only to his awakening in one of the cryogenic chambers in Kamino.


Ordo finds himself alone in Kamino. He realizes that he had a great memory lapse following his meeting with the Yuzhan Vhong. In his search of the cloning complex, he comes across some unusual clone trooper armors and pieces of Jango Fett's arsenal. He leaves the complex using a battered starship. His only goal was to find some answers.

—"Executive Order 66? That has been initiated? Already?" - Willem Ordo to a scoundrel in Tatooine —

Personality and Traits

People who have met him describe Willem to be similar to Imperial Clone Troopers only in appearance. He is found to be a courteous, thoughtful and even at times humorous man. He still feared however, since he has proved himself as someone whom one does not ever wish to cross when he took down a deranged wookie with merely a knife.

Powers and Abilities

Willem Ordo displays the same skills and characteristics of other clones. He has a more integrated fighting style than his brothers, borrowing fighting tactics similar to Jango and Boba Fett. He has sword skills that match even the most learned Jedi as well, utilizing his viroblade.

"Willem Ordo"
Homeworld "Kamino"
Born "-"
Died "-"
Alternate Names "Mister Ordo"
Physical Description
Species "Clone Mandalorian (With a mix of unknown DNA)"
Gender "Male"
Height "6'1"
Hair Colour "Black"
Eye Color "Brown"
Skin Color "Brown"
Historical Information
Affiliations "Grand Army of the Republic
Known Masters "-"
Known Apprentices "-"

Appearance and Clothing

Ordo wears a customized clone trooper armor. He has hand painted an insignia of a Krayt Dragon in his front armor. He also painted the armor black with streaks of red and gold. He took a republic commando's helmet, replacing the normal tropper helmet, making his look closer to the Fett's. He changed the bluish glow of his visor to red as well… displaying an eerie contrast to his black armor.

Weapons and Vehicles

Ordo possesses the standard multifunctional Rifle of the Republic Commando. He also equips himself with a standard issue jet pack that he uses only so often. Sheathed on his side are two vibroblades, one longer than the other. He pilots and old Tactical Starfighter, only to realize that it's kind was already phased out for years.

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