Name: Xross "Avatar" of the Jensaarai.
Formerly known as Darth Varexx, sith hand.
Profesion: Teacher of the Jensaarai and hired Assassin.
Eras of play
"The Rise of the Empire" (The Clone Wars) Years 46BBY - 20BBY.
"The Legacy of the Force" (The Jedi Order) 328ABY +


Unknown to him for a long time. He was made, not born on Ziost by the Sith Archon to be a weapon and tool of the sith. Never knowing any parents he survived however he could. Stealing was his way of life and he just barely survived each day until the fateful day he tried to pick pocket Mace Windu. As he was caught Master Windu seen the strong conection the kid had with the force so he took him to Corascuant to the Jedi temple. There he trained and learned how to use the force and open himself to it in a stronger way. Being Miraluka he could do things the other padawans could not. Also being Chiss gave him a hire intelect that allowed him the ability to pick up on things quicker then most. So he use the advantage he had to impress his teachers and exceled quickly. After some time master Windu trained him in vapad and other fighting forms to prepair him for the fate that master windu has seen for him. At the age of 16 master windu came to him with a mission that he knew the stealthy kid could handle, go find out what he could about the sith that had to be out there. So Xross traveled to Ziost once again to find out where the sith were when he was instead found (or called) his true master and creater summoned his by teleporting him to his side and then completely broke him. Xross became the loyal servant he was made to be for he had been made with a very controlable mind. The Archon of the sith then used him to kill key enimies and gather him what he wanted. The Archon had also given him the specail materials needed to make his very uniquie lightsabers. They were made from Krayt Dragon Pearal and Stygium making his blades black and very effective in keeping him hiden the force. He served the archon for several years when he met Nikkos Tyris who then helped free him from the control of the Sith Archon and brought him into the teachings of the jensaarai. when the Jedi came to defeat the Jensaarai Xross was in the middle of packing up shipments in carbonite. A battle broke out and he was knocked in to the camber unknown to anyone and was frozen for many years. He awoke in the year 328 when some smuglers found him and not knowing what he was relaesed him. Blind but aware of everything through his force site he fought his way to freedom where he emerged and studied to learn all he could about the galaxy of today. He recently married Serenity and recreated the Jensaarai in his own way. Now he is finding himself in a war that will change the entire galaxy for everyone.

Avatar Xross
Homeworld Ziost
Born 3/11/46BBY
Age 28 (376)
Physical Description
Species Miraluka & Chiss
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Weight 175 lbs
Hair Colour Red & Black
Eye Color Solid Red
Skin Color Blue
Historical Information
Affiliations Jensaarai (formerly sith & Jedi)
Known Masters Mace Windu, the Sith Archon, Nikkos Tyris
Known Apprentices Zelos, Ka'eo, & Kain

Personal Quote

—"To gain mastery over oneself is to be a true master." - "Avatar Xross, to the Jensaarai. —

Personality and Traits

Strong and confident. He is very aware of his suroundings never taking his focus away. He strives for perfection from himself only and trusts and relies in only Serenity his true love. His morals are from seeing many different things in life so he really dosent uphold what is right in societies eyes. Which of course dosent matter to him. He gives and takes as he feels it is his place to but dose not wish to be followed blindly feeling that those who do are to weak to be reliable. His strenght is to him his greates asset which exists cause of his greater understanding of how to control his emotions.

Powers and Abilities

He will always strive to learn more but has several powers of note. Being Miraluka his Force Sight is rather potent allowing him to see better with out his eyes then with them. He has attaind the ability to use Force Stealth, and Focre Cloak. Both of which are enhanced by the Stygium crystal in his blades. He has mastered the use of Telekinesis allowing him to not only use the force to move things but also giving him the ability to use it to strike devistating blows, fly, and cause explosions. His powers became truely great when he bonded with Serenity completely. They share every thing from their thoughts to their life.

Appearance and Clothing

He has a thin, athletic build with well defined muscles. His hair is long past his shoulders and the red and black is streaked through it. He looks in is early twenties and has sharp features. A tatoo of a black ryyk blade cuts down his left eye. He carries two lightsabers on him and two heavy blaster pistols on him at all times. He wears black fatigues appearing to look militant. Over his fatigues he wears Tiger Styled red and black peice armor. His black cloak is only worn when he is on asignment. He wears black boots and a earing of onyx is in his left ear. His only other jewlery is a tritanium wedding band with two rubies on it.

Weapons and Equipment

2 Guard Shoto light sabers that have settings that make them change in color from black to white. They change also in length and intensity of energy the shortest being White and more intense. He also caries 2 Security S-5 heavy blaster pistols. His armor is Cortosis armor and is black with red tiger stripes. It covers his chest, shoulders, fore arms, and legs. The Helmet is styled to the appearance of a tiger. It is made and attuned specificaly to him allowing him to more freely.

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