Zachariah Cain Samuul

Profession: Dark Marauder
Era: Rise of the Empire
Played by: halfnakedninja



Zacahariah had no childhood seeing as he was created in a test tube.

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Zachariah Cain Samuul was 'born' when the frantic and afraid mother of Jacen Soloman Samuul stupidly tried to re-create the son whom she had just witnessed Jacen kill her husband and leave without returning. She went to an Arkanian cloner-in hiding on Raxus Prime who used to be a close family friend with several bone fragments and skin flakes from her son and had a clone created. The results were disastrous, creating a monstrosity that could no longer be called her child. The creation looked like Jacen but with ragged silver hair, paper white skin, a black bandana over its eyes, rotting yellow teeth, and several other features. It for a few seconds tried to 'protect' it's mother by killing the cloner who had a gun aimed on the creation. It escaped with its genetic mother and was later determined a miraluka/rattataki hybrid male just like his direct genetic sibling Jacen Soloman Samuul. He soon became a dark marauder after tapping into the dark side of the force only a year after his creation, but has yet to recieve training on how to control it and will rely on mostly guns, swords, and his fists.

Personality and Traits

Calling him a lunatic is a drastic understatement, and he is not the haha nutty type of insane, he is the bad type of insane. His mental stability is extremely horrible. He is also an extremely bloodthirsty, sadistic, and ruthless person, having no care whatsoever for life as it is, even willing to kill his own 'mother' just to get to Jacen. He can also be extremely manipulative and will use people to serve his own purposes. He also has little care for morals or ethics whatsoever.

Powers and Abilities

He is a highly agile person with extensive hand-to-hand and melee combat fighting, but also has some marksmanship skills. He also has a fairly built muscular build and is not afraid to fight an opponent wielding even a vibro-mace with just his fists alone. He is also very very smart and as a result is a great strategist. He also has the knack for technology he got his genetic brother Jacen.

Appearance and Clothing

He will never wear a shirt, no matter what the cirumstance, even for a special occasion. He will also wear black cargo commando pants with black military-issue boots.

Weapons and Vehicles

He will often use a wide selection of vibro-weaponry, but will carry a DT-57 heavy blaster pistol and a Czerka outlander rifle, other than these he uses just his fists.

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Zachariah Cain Samuul
Homeworld Raxus Prime
Born "year"
Died "year"
Alternate Names "names"
Physical Description
Species Miraluka/Rattataki hybrid
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Hair Colour Silver
Eye Color No eyes
Skin Color Paper white
Historical Information
Affiliations "Groups they are members of
Known Masters "Teachers"
Known Apprentices "Students"
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