Zelos "Fox" McCloud

Name: Zelos McCloud (Played by Defchef)
Also given the nickname "Fox" for his cunning and swiftness.
"Acolyte" of the Jensaarai
Profession: Teacher of the Jensaarai.
Eras of play
"The Legacy of the Force" (The Jedi Order) 328ABY +


Zelos McCloud was born in Naboo. Where as a young child showed signs of being able to tap into the Force. It was shortly after where he was separated by the Jedi Order where he learned to control the force. Moving on to become the valedictorian at the Jedi Academy at age 15. However during the time, the order was short handed and was one of the few students who did have a permanent jedi master and lightsaber. After that he spent the next three years traveling the galaxy in search of a permanent master to train him. It was on his travels that he learned many things and was taught by many people. Since he was a jedi without lightsaber, Zelos learned to compensate for handicap by using the force and martial arts to fight. Then at age 18 he came across Xross, a former sith who was willing to train him in the ways of the force and of the dark side. Even though he was still a part of the jedi order, Zelos still became Xross' apprentice. Believing that there were some benefits from learn from a dark master. Not long after learning both sides of the force, Xross came to Zelos with an offer, to help him rebuild the Jensaarai, an old but not yet forgotten society aned leave the Jedi Order. Zelos accepted the offer and there he met his other new teachers, Avatar Serenity and Xanith. Learning the ways of the jensaarai, Zelos learned many things in the way of force. Today he is an acolyte, the equivalent of jedi knight in the jensaarai where he teaches the newer generation of the jensaarai.

First Love

Growing up with the jedi, Zelos learned nothing of the tales of love. At least that was until one day, he came across a ship crashing where he met Drea, a smuggler with a bounty on her head. It took him a while, but slowly but surely Zelos fell in love with her. Swearing to her that he would always be by her side.

Little sister …

Growing up, Zelos didn't know what it meant to have a family. Until one day he felt something calling to him through the force, guiding him to come to the planet of Kamino. From what the kamonians told him, his parents asked for a clone of his sister, unfusing her human DNA with that Miraluka.Finding this out, Zelos discovered that it was his clones sister Shi'Ari calling out to him. From then on Zelos took Shi'Ari with him, becoming her parent, older brother, and her teacher over night. Now Zelos faces new challenges and has sworn to protect his only family with his life.

Personal Quote

"No one get's left behind, no one." - Zelos

Personality and Traits

Courageous, kind hearted, and always fights for something other than himself. The genuine example of a light side person of the force. Zelos is always striving to improve and learn more. Always willing to help others in need and willing to risk his life for those he cares about.

Powers and Abilities

Among force users, Zelos is one of a kind. At a time when he was a padawan, Zelos was forced to travel and fight throughout the galaxy without a lightsaber and in time learned to fight by combining his force abilities with martial arts, creating a unique fighting style in the process. Among the basic force abilities (mind trick, telekinesis, force push, etc.) that Zelos has learned from the Jedi, he knows how to use force lighting, force heal, force sight, and how to communicate through the force.

Zelos "Fox" McCloud
Homeworld Naboo
Age 19
Alternate Names "Fox"
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 6'00"
Hair Colour Black
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Tan
Historical Information
Affiliations Jensaarai, Jedi Order, Republic
Known Masters Xross, Serenity, Ileeandra, Kyzzen, Xanith
Known Apprentices Shi'Ari, Sev, Ka'eo

Weapons and Vehicles


Being once a member of the Jedi Order, Zelos still keeps his Delta-7B Aethersprite-class light interceptor star fighter. This fine vehicle also came equipped with its own Syluire-31 hyperspace docking ring for quick and easy traveling. With this ride alone, Zelos has made it through some tough dog fights in space against bounty hunters, sith, and anyone who wanted to kill him.


As weapons, Zelos carries with him two underwater lightsabers that emit silver-blue blade. With a adegan and a Kaiburr crystal, Zelos' lightsabers are able to slightly amplify his force healing abilities as well as give off a unique signature that any jedi or sith can sense.

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