Force Users

Dathomir Witch

Native to the planet Dathomir, some 600 years before the clone wars Allya a jedi that was banished. She selectively bred with exiled arms dealers. In decades she had her own force-using society. They follow the "Book of Law" that she wrote. Their culture is primitive, but they have a strong understanding of the force and have used it to control animals and plants. They are also known to use the force to fly, and make talismans. After Allya's death they fractured into 6 clans, and some fell to the dark side.

Known DathomirWitches: Teneniel Djo, Damaya, and Kirana Ti.

The 3 levels: DathomirWitch (lv1) DathomirMentor (lv2) DathomirClanMother (lv3)

Dark Marauder

Warriors that combine physical prowess with the dark side of the force. Often they are not trained, but rather learn through experiences. They normally do not affiliate themselves with an order of force users, but rather become an extension of the dark side becoming excellent body guards, enforcers, mercenaries, or assassins. Often they live for the joy of battle, but some are more focused and start their own order of force users and gain followers. The disciples of Twilight is one such order. They are not able to tap into the "light side" force powers, but that doesn't restrict them one bit. They nave been known to create talismans and enhance weapons by empowering them with dark side energy. so even though many are never taught, some have become very powerful and changed the course of events in the star wars universe.

Known DarkMarauders: Asajj Ventress and Alema Ra.

The 3 levels: DarkMarauder (lv1) DarkEnforcer (lv2) DarkWarlord (lv3)

Force Adept

They see the force as a more mysterious, supernatural power. They follow different traditions and usually are the shamans of a tribe, or the profits. They are trained and untrained, part of religious, philosophical, or non affiliated ideals. Some use the dark side, others use the light, but most blend and use what they see as useful for themselves. One of the more known and organized force adept is the Force Witch, but the typical adept is unknown and secretive, knowing they have powers and using them for their own needs whether good or evil. They have been know to use weapons other then lightsabers in which they have imbued them with the force and made them more then just a sword or a staff. Some through meditation and deep contemplation have elevated them selves to a higher way of life and have found new understanding in the force.

Known ForceAdepts: Rokur Gepta, Sly Moore, and Wialu.

The 3 levels: ForceSensitive (lv1) ForceAdept (lv2) ForceEnlightned (lv3)


Under the direction of Sol Skywalker a large number of Jedi left the temple. The death of RobertSkywalker caused them to build a new empire. One that's mission was to create a peaceful society ruled by the light side of the force rather then the politics of the Galactic Republic. These Knights have their first duty to the Light sight of the force even before themselves. They Stand for good and never back down from it and wont ever stand use the dark side.

Known ImperialKnights: Will Maundrell, Chaz Solo, and Valencia Pheonix.

The 3 levels: ImperialSquire (lv1) ImperialKnight (lv2) ImperialCommander (lv3)


Are force users that combine physical training with mastery of the force. They follow a code that upholds the light side of the force. They have a genuine desire to help others. They start as padawan learners attached to a master. and when they have proven themselves to be capable, wise, and self-sufficient, by passing a test they are made a knight. It is then that they will build their own lightsaber. Lightsaber crystals vary and have different effects so many Jedi go on quests in search of the crystals that they will use. Once they have created their own it becomes an extension of them and even a reminder to others of who they are cause no 2 lightsabers look alike. They are expected to deal with problems that reflect on the Jedi in a good way. When they have obtained patience, wisdom, inner strength, and deep understanding in the force. They can become a master. The most respected sre chosen to sit on the council, in which they have the responsibility to preserve peace and help others reach understanding. The Jedi are the most well known order of force users cause they feel it is their responsibility to defend and help others, and are their for many seek to become a Jedi knowing the great services that they have provided to the galaxy.

Known Jedi: Grand Master Joga Skywalker, Master Karis Amalia, and Master Mace Windu.

The 3 levels: JediPadawan (lv1) JediKnight (lv2) JediMaster (lv3)


The original order was formed during the time of the clone wars by Nikkos Tyris. They walked a line between light and darkness. They put a great deal of time into their armor seeing it as even more valuable then their lightsabers. It is made from cortosis, a rare metal that can withstand blaster fire and lightsaber attacks. They can attune this armor to themselves making it less restricting. They where scattered when the Jedi came to end the jensaarai, but the Saarai-kaar later lead them while they were in hiding. After many years, Xross a jensaarai that learned under Nikkos was freed from his carbonite prison and decided to Resurrect the order in his image. They are about learning and becoming the best they can using the force as their forge. They start as disciples and once they have gained rudimentary understanding over their emotions they are tested and move to become Acolytes that can teach other disciples. The Avatar is the ones who have mastered themselves and is very difficult to become. The ranks of the original order have been let go by Xross cause he wanted to give it a new direction. He then even took the Saarai-Kaar title and changed the position of it to be the "Hand" of the Avatars.

Known Jensaarai: Avatar Serenity, Saarai-Kaar Ka'eo, and Kelbis Nu

The 3 levels: JensaaraiDisciple (lv1) JensaaraiAcolyte (lv2) JensaaraiAvatar (lv3)

Kro Var Shaper

They have served as battle shaman for various clans. They use their powers to terrify enimies. They learn to tap into the elements through the force. Keyed into the four elements of Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. Each clan has one element in which they master because of the area they live in. Where very rarely one has learned them all since they are tested to see which element they can master. They have been rarely seen since they are from the unknown regions, but masters of their ranks have been known to travel abroad and have trained others.

Known KroVarShapers: Raish Ttiur, Jjist Neddlar, and Raz Azrael.
The 3 levels: KroVarShaper (lv1) KroVarShamen (lv2) KrovarSorcerer (lv3)


Called a Light Monk by some, they are masters of their physical bodies and can channel the force through themselves becoming stronger, faster, etc. Their philosophy emphasizes keeping oneself clean, strong, and pure through physical activity. They meditate through exercise. they are so intuned with themselves they have been able to develop the force in others. They fight using the martial arts and carry a pole arm known as a wan-shen. They never used the dark side seeing it would impurify them. They were robes of green and white that are similar to jedi robes. During their training they always pushed themselves past their limits to become stronger. once one graduates from their training they receive a tattoo on their fore heads and sides of their face.

Known Matukai: Mendor Typhoons.

The 3 levels: Matukai (lv1) MatukaiAdept (lv2) MatukaiAscended (lv3)

Night Sisters

A sect of Force Witches that were created by two exiles. They reveled in the dark side of the force that was forbidden by the ancients. They have a book they call the book of shadows that was written by their creator. They killed many Force Witches in their search for power. They have known many leaders over the time that they have existed. Several groups came and went under the direction of Night Sisters such as the Dark Nest.

Known NightSisters: Silri, Gethzerion, and Lomi Plo

The 3 levels: NightSister (lv1) NightWeaver (lv2) NightMistress (lv3)


A powerful order formed to utilize the dark side of the force. "Sith" is the name of a race that was interbred with fallen Jedi who were in exile. The sith became such a strong force that they caused a Hundred year darkness. They start as apprentices and work their way to becoming sith lords. The sith have had many changes over their existence. as being that they had rules and i deals that constantly changed, but their views on the dark side and the power it granted them didn't change. They typically follow the view that emotions give them power, specifically hate, and that going through the harsh flames would make them stronger. Sith lords have been known to teach and utilize what they call "Hands" as secret assassins or spies. The Sith masters as well as their "Lords" under them are referred to as Darth. The highest member of the sith order is known as the Dark Lord of the Sith.

Known Sith: Darth Vader, Darth Tyranus, and Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Tremor.

The 3 levels: SithAprentice (lv1) SithLord (lv2) SithMaster (lv3)

Nonforce Users

Ace Pilot

They are truly masters of their vehicle, wether it be a Starfighter, a Transport, an Air speeder, or a Swoop. They are fighter pilots who are veterans of wars, smugglers that get paid big for always getting the job done, and famous Speeder races who have victories under their belt. The vehicle becomes an extension of them and they feel at home no where else. They arent great mechanics, but noone knows or can fix their vehicle like them.

Known AcePilots: Wedge Antilies, Han Solo, and Barron Fel.

The 2 levels: Pilot (lv1) Ace (lv2)

Bounty Hunter

They are hired "guns" who track, capture, and kill for money. Many live by different codes, but all will uphold their contract knowing their future business depends on their present dealings. At different times Guilds have existed that provide steady contracts, good pay, but kept them in line. At times certain many of them have become mercenaries and Assassins. Reputation is very important cause the creds you get are based on how you get the job done and the best are payed to reflect that. Even while guilds exist there are those that prefer to be loners, following their own laws.

Known BountyHunters: Boba Fett, Jade, and Aurra Sing.
The 2 levels: BountyHunter (lv1) VeteranHunter (lv2)


Members of the "noble class" of society are well educated and naturally charismatic. From true royalty to elected officials, military commanders to crime lords, and even influential cooperate leaders, they can bring honor to their name or be treacherous and despicable to their core. What ever the case they command respect and influence others. They know how to manipulate others and get what they want. They can inspire, coordinate, and rally others. They have great leadership abilities, are very well connected, and have access to large sums of money.

Known Nobles: Princess Leia, Prince Xizor, and Talon Karrde.
The 2 levels: Noble (lv1) Royal(lv2)


Are rogues (good, bad, and neutral) who live outside the law or fight against it. They come from all walks of life and rely on cunning, charisma, and trickery to get what they are after. Most lie, cheat, and steal to survive. They live adventurous lives as pirates, gamblers, spies, thieves, and con artist. Some have a sense of honor that hinders their decisions they make. Many are lucky and barely get by in life surviving where others would fail.

Known Scoundrels: Lando Calrissian, Dash Render, and Drea Renthal.

The 2 levels: Scoundrel (lv1) CrimeLord (lv2)

Tech Specialist

Combine expert training with natural genius reaching the top of their chosen field. They can be physicians, scientist, mechanics, engineers, and computer operators. They create gadgets or develop knew pharmaceuticals to help improve the way of life. They have advanced the fields of robotics, xenobiology, astrophysics, mechanics, and weaponry. Vhong shapers use biotechnology rather then deal machines, but the majority of the races prefer the advances they have made with machines. They have been able to create weapons as devastating as the Death Star, and brought about the healing medicine known as Bacta.

Known TechSpecialists: Ghent, Elassar Targon, and Danni Quee.

The 2 levels: TechSpecialist (lv1) TechExpert (lv2)


Soldiers, scouts, mercenaries, body guards, and masters of martial arts. They fight for glory, honor, to acquire wealth, gain power, or just for the thrill of it. They excel at combat and leading others into battle. They become experts in hand-to-hand, masters of melee weapons, and marksmen with all guns. Some are local police that serve and protect, some are snipers who kill from a distance, while most are the grunts of an military infantry. They rely on their physical prowess and toughness, bringing truth to the saying "Only the strong survive."

Known Troopers: General Crix Madine, Corran Horn, and Chewbacca
The 2 levels: Trooper (lv1) Commander (lv2)

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