Lucinda Emilia Valentine

Name: Lucinda Emilia Valentine
Parents: Eneto and Adriana Sunrider
Paternal Grandparents: Lucas and Ruby Sunrider
Maternal Grandparents: Christopher and Victoria Grey
Husband: Holan Valentine
Profession: Jedi Master
Era: Legacy Era
Played by:


Lucinda was born to Coruscanti parents Eneto and Adriana Sunrider. Her parents originally lived on the planet Alderaan before returning to their home planet. She attended school on her home planet. When she turned fifteen, her parents received a message for her to go train with the Jedi. They took her to the Jedi Temple to meet with her future Jedi Master, Karis Amalia.


Lucinda's childhood was relatively decent. She had a good relationship with both her parents and her brothers. She did not grow up spoiled or anything.
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Lucinda was married to Jedi Master Saintiago Syxxiantos but they ended up divorcing and she found out that she was pregnant in the beginning. She was upset that her son would not know their father since he ran off with another woman. Currently, she was teaching the youngling classes and she was enjoying it.

While out on a walk, she had met Holan Valentine and they had talked. She was a little rash with him in the beginning, but as time went on she ended up falling in love with him and about six months later, they married in a quiet ceremony and she gave birth to her son, Sebastian Holan Valentine. Currently, they were living together and her son had just turned a year old. She was glad that she had found someone that actually loved her and cared a lot about her.

Personality and Traits

Gregarious, laid back, fiercely protective of her friends, loving, cares immensely about her family and finding love, and wants to have a family of her own one day

Powers and Abilities

Knight connection level to the Force and still studying it. Showed great potential in Force-Healing.

Appearance and Clothing

Lucinda wears her hair down to her waist or keeps it in a bun; she is slightly muscular around her legs and arms; she has a birthmark on her shoulder; has an eyebrow piercing and two piercings in each ear. She wears a brown tunic with brown leggings under it along with knee-high boots that have a one and a half-inch heel to them.

Weapons and Vehicles

Lucinda carries a lightsaber that she built with her own two hands. The crystals within her saber are Agdean crystals. The hue of her saber when ignited is emerald, which matches her eyes. She also owns a DL-44 heavy blaster pistol. She acquired the pistol when she was about seventeen.

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Lucinda Emilia Valentine
Homeworld Coruscant
Born 311 ABY
Died "year"
Alternate Names Starfire
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 165.10 cm
Hair Colour Deep red
Eye Color Emerald
Skin Color Caramel
Historical Information
Affiliations New Jedi Order
Known Masters Jedi Master Karis Amalia
Known Apprentices Niamh Cathey
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