Lucinda Imelda Corazon

Name: Lucinda Imelda Corazon

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Race: Navidan

Weight: 195

Height: 5'7"

Eye color: Hazel-Green

Hair color: Dirty blond with streaks of black running through

Skin Tone: Tan

Birthday: June 24th

Home planet: Corillia

Relationship: Engaged to Saintiago Syxxiantos and having his children

Weapons: Quantum blasters that used to belong to her father. He passed them down onto her since she was the first-born and who was going to go train with the Jedi.


Personality: Gregarious, laid back, fiercely protective of her friends, loving, cares immensely about her family and finding love, and wants to have a family of her own one day

Appearance: Lucinda stands at five feet and five inches. She either wears her hair down to her waist or keeps it in a bun; she is slightly muscular around her legs and arms; she has a birthmark on her shoulder; has an eyebrow piercing and two piercings in each ear. She wears sleeveless shirts with a small jacket over it, low-rise jeans, and knee-high two-inch heeled boots.

Bio: Lucinda was born to Navidan parents Eneto and Adriana Corazon. Her parents originally lived on the planet Coruscant before returning to their home planet. She attended school on her home planet. When she turned fifteen, her parents received a message for her to go train with the Jedi. They took her to the Jedi Temple to meet with her future Jedi Master, Karis Amalia.

Quotes: "It is just you and me, a battle of epic proportions. A fight to the Death."

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