General Conduct

1. Above all, HAVE FUN, and help others to have fun.

2. Sending hate messages to anyone, no matter who does it, will not be tolerated. It does not matter if it is in a private message or in the chat itself. If someone does something like that, they will be kicked from the room and banned. And anyone defending the person will be kicked and banned as well.

3. Limit the use of CAPS and bold. By this we mean do not talk only in CAPS or only in bold. Using CAPS as an exclamation in or out of RP is fine if it's one word or two.

4. No advertising for another chatroom. Asking one person to join another chatroom for a private talk is fine, as long as you don't bother the other user with it.

5. No spamming, no flooding, no flaming, no pornography, no offensive content of any kind

6. No pestering admins about promotions. This said, we love suggestions.

7. You will use OOC (out of character) when you have something to say that does not pertain to RP. This is usually identified by typing a bracket ] at the end of the comment.

RP (Role Play) Conduct

1. Absolutely no god playing (also called god-modding). This includes instant kills, dodging confirmed hits, and causing damage without your opponent’s permission. You cannot beat someone to death as per "you are beaten and killed," "you are killed," "beats you to a bloody pulp and watches you die," "cuts off your head (or any other body part for that matter) and you die," or any other variation.

2. Keep all posts R rated. Vulgarities and nudity are allowed, but sex scenes are not.

3. Only fight when all parties involved agree to it. If a hit is confirmed, do not dodge it. Until all is re-established, if there is any fight it will be automatically over if a confirmed hit is dodged and the person who dodged will be reprimanded.

4. Always pay attention to the previous posts before posting yourself, so we don’t end up with a bunch of confusing bumbling.

5. The more actions with the speech part of the RP the better. Example: *nods before saying* "yes I know what u mean"

6. Upon exiting, please be gracious enough to type a proper exit, unless you and the other players confirm the role play will be continued in the near future.

Please note:
Rules are subject to change without further notice.
If you have any questions after reading these rules, please ask. You are expect to follow them and ignorance is not an excuse.

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