Knowledge and research are very important,so it is no surprise to the amount of knowledge they have in their librarys. They are highly skilled schoolars and scientist, and have large corporations that provide medical treatment and technology. have genetically altered races including their own. They are arrogant and feel that hey are supperior to other races. they are human looking in appearance they have no visible puple or iris making their eyes solid white. Also they have 4 clawed digets instead of 5 and white hair. They are a more intelligent race but have additudes they tend t get others to dislike them. They can see in total darkness and at times have moments of genuis were as they can figure some things out. Example names: Arkoth Adasca, Jaro Salaban, and Dolvin Genarik.

Arkanian offshoot


Created by their onw kind they are more used as slave labor and disregaurded in the Arkainian society. Giveing them a different aditude. They arent arogant but do have confidence and determination. But because of how they were used by their own creators they have left their home world of Arkania in the Perave system of the colonies region. They generally have scattered accross the galaxy hiding in the lower reaches of society. They have a more human appearance then normal arkanians. The only thing seperating them from the human is that they have pure white skin and might display lesser genetic anomolies. They are not as intelegent as the arkanians but they are designed for a specific task and have great knowledge of it, so they can be great mechanics, pilots, or warriors pending on their creators design. they are not as hearty and live shorter life spans but they are generaly stronger or more agile. Example names: Edessa, Jarael, and Zadawi.


Information is looked at as a way of life for them. Using it for power, wealth, and even as a weapon. They doont believe in direct conflict cause it destroys people, material, and even information. They prefur behind the scenes manipulation accuiring information. Espionage is a natural part of life and the Bothan Spy Network is one of the largest inteligence agencies in the galaxy. Bothans are curious, manipulative, crafty, suspisious and even a bit paranoid. They can be irritating, but they can also be loyal and brave. They are covered in fur that ripples in responce to their emotional state. They have tappered earsand short beards resembling canines. they are tall and have longer life spans then human. They are more agile and stronger willed then others but are not as resilient. All have great understanding of how to gather information. Their Home world of Bothawui is in the Mid Rim Territories Example names: Karka Kre'fey, Tav Breil'ya, and Tereb Ab'lon.


Their home world of caamas, in the Core Region was destroyed by an attack and most survivors, who were off world at the time, made refuge on Kerilt, Susevfi, and Alderaan. They can create vivid telepathic memories called "memnii". That can be shared with others who have telepathic abilities of some degree. They do this to teach and share history. They posses great moral character and respect of others. They are artistic, free thinking, gentile, and conteplative, and known for being pacifists. Their body is tall, lean, and covered in golden down that has purple rings around their eyes, and 3 stipes on their head. Their hands have 3 fingers. They are renowned for their insight beyond most others in the galaxy, but their physical condition less then average. Example names: Elegos A'kla, Tegas Sulkec, and Ylenic It'kla.


A proud, passionate, and loyal bipedal feline humanoid is known for their long standing friendships and ferocity in battle. They live in large city-trees on the planet Cathar, a wild and fierce world. They have high moral values, learned from family and society. They are very passionate and have strong ties to tradition. They are even tempered, but do not hesitate to act when needed. They have lionine features the distinctiveness of which varies by individual. Males have large manes, short beards, and tusks from their lower jaw. Females have smaller manes, but impressive fangs along the upper jaw. Their coloration varies from light yellow to dark beige, sometimes accented with stripes. They are very agile, but not so intellectual. They have razor sharp claws. Example names: Crado Ferrah, Stragos.


A sophisticated and cultured humaniod race native to Cerea, a world on the fringes of known space. They became know to the rest of the galaxy shortly before the Republic was transformed into the empire. Their society is matriarachal and traditional values emphisize living in harmony with nature. They tend to be calm, rational and very logical. Very tall with elongated craniums that house bianary brains make them stand out. They are more brighter and more intuitive but less coordinated then most species. Many are force users and truly contemplate both the light and dark side of the force. Example names are Ki-Adi, Ti-Dal, and Maj-Odo.


They are amphibious and live mainly in costal cities that are built to allow the rising tide to flood their buildings. Only their space ports are built up high in drier areas. They lose their weak sense of taste as they mature and tend to eat only out of necessity. Their society is very structured and their laws complex which many out siders dont comprehend, even though many visit their tropical home world of Champala. As a rule they are law abiding and loyal to authority figures. Their home has made them highly resistant to radiation due to their primary star's instability. They are even tempered and accepting of others making them good friends. They have a society that makes sure even the poorest of their people live good. They appreaciate a well defind social structure. They have a thick skin that varies in color from light blue to deep indigo. Horns (called lethorns) stem from a pair of fleshy growths that protrude from the sides of their heads. Males develop horns from the top of their heads. They are physically strong but lack grace. They can breath water and see further then typical in low lighting. Example names: Belar Tasseva, Shiran Vallendri, and Ketrias Gorran.


Originating from the cold world of Csilla in the unknown regions, little is known of them untill 5 ABY. They are technologically advanced and highly interested in arts, science, and mathematics. Though very logical and secritive, tending to be some what xenophobic, they appreciate philosophy and other cultures. Society is very structured with a small number of "ruling" families known as houses act as branches of government. If they bring shame on their families they will be exiled and possibly their entire families as well, for generations. They are well educated, artistic, and cautious of others, but are seen as arogant, aloof, and calculating which could be true. They have deep blue skin and red glowing eyes which deepens with the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere. they tend to have black hair and some times it grays with age. They are naturally bright and intelligent, and can see further in low lighting. Example names: (are long tripartite names and abreviate them when dealing with out siders.) Szardra, Xross, and Karyce.


Specially bred offshoot of Zolanders, they were designed to withstand radiation. They gained an unexpected benifit, the ability to change shape. Zolanders treat them as lessers, cause they deam them wicked, so they threw them in to ghettos. Those who can flee the tyranical yoke. After the fall of the Empire they finally gained freedom. Because of how they were treated they detest any forms of oppression. They live as free spirits and hate bigotry, prjudice, and hate bullying. Appearing reptilion, their thick hides are green or ochre cast. Their cat like eyes are yellow, and as they mature their ability to alter their appearance also matures even to the point of masking items that are close to their body. They are frailer then normal but very adept at masking themselves. Example names: Zam Wessell, Rolsat Noviee, Renneyn Kezull.


Very xenophobic they are reluctant to allow others into their society not wanting others to corupt them. They often obduct rivals and know never to travel alone. They have truble integrating into the galactic community. They look for hidden motives in everything, and are very protective of their families. Apearance is near human, but have 2 extra arms and long ears. Their eyes and hair tend to be brown earthy colors. Their children appear to be 6 legged canines, until they go through puberty, when they pupate in cocoons and emerge as adults. Example names: Adaavi, Jorrdu, and Merasska.


A long lived and secretive race from th Outter Rim. Fierce and unrepentant warriors, they are ruled by haugty, spoiled aristocrats. Many have left their home world of the Outter Rim world of Thosa to escape the warrior life and instead becoming something of their own making. Because of their long life spans their society is slow to evolve. Their lipless mouths make them look like they have a large over bite. Their tightly musceled bodies are covered in though scaly skin that ranges in color from violet to mauve to gray. they are a hearty race that has an appearance and fierceness that puts off others. their language is full of harsh clicks and sighs. They are natural telepahts and are able to see farther in low light conditions. Example names: Uval-Nor, Tyan-Ruu, and Odan-urr.


An aboreal species from the world of Malastare. They are strong and agile for their samll size, they can climb and jump very well. Unwilling to share their home with the Gran they fought a long and intense war. The republic sided with the Gran and they then started to develop a self pitying society. All claim a hero or martyr in their family tree and wear beads in their ear fins. They are violent bullies prefuring to solve problems through intimidation and hostile acts. Vaigly humanoid in that they have bipedal and have proportioned bodies. They have large mouths, brown skin, and flopy ears. males have a flap of skin on their throats. They appear to walk on their front limbs while the lower back ones ar more used as hands. Excelent reflexes and eye hand coordirnation, but rarely think before they act. Example names: Drowda, Subulba, and Luvagwa.


The first species to become a galactic influence, being that they develpoed the hyperdrive. They have a natural aptitude with astrological computaitions and are great pilots. They tend to be adventurous and intense. they are fun-loving, proud, and self-suficient. Average hight, hairless, with large eyes and lipless mouths. skin of blue-gray to deep azure. They come from the Sytem of Duros, but have traveled and settled the galaxy. They are agile and intelegent, but arent physically hearty. Example names: Monnda Tebbo, Lia Nootka, and Baniss Keeg.


Native to the forest moon of Endor. They are technologically primative but still clever, inquisitive, and inventive. They live and tree villages and hunt for food. while the woman raise the children. As primitive as they are with their superstitious veiws and being fearful of new things, they however over come it with time. Short and fury they appears to be stuffed animals with furs that very in color and patern. They are some what agile but rather weak. They have a keen scent and tend to be sneaky. Example names: Chirpa, wicket, and Logray.


A reptilian people with chiseled physical features. Avery attractive race that has pheromones that make them irresistible. They are mysterious and withdrawn, seeing emotional displays as unsophisticated. They tend to bury their emotions. Delicate blue-green scales, supple and flexible, cover their body growing thicker and harder over their spines. They wear their black hair in a top knot, or braids. Women tend to adorn their hair with gems or other priceless ornaments. They have greatmagnetism and great inter personal skill. They can hold their breath for a very long time. Example names: Xizor, Zurros, and Savan.


From the home world of Odryn in the Outter Rim, a planet of climate extremes. Massive humanoids whos aging process allows them to grow stronger and more powerful till they die. They are known to be brutal and dangerous. Not entirely the case, they are quick to anger and highly impersonal. They are typically selfish. Their skin tones varycoal black to pale white, but more commonly are green, yellow, or blue. long tedrilshang from the back and sides of their heads. They have bright red eyes. A strong and hearty race they have limitations in their comunication with others and not so insghtful. Also they are somewhat slow to react because of their size. They are highly resilient and can see in low lighting conditions. Example names: Crayl, Dreyla, Pryn.


Mysterious sentient amphibious species of the fungal swamps and jungles of Felucia. They are all part of one planet wide tribe broken down in to villages that are led by shamens and chieftains. The shamans are strong in the force. They are tall, bipedal plant looking beings that have arms and legs that end in 4 large webbed digets with suction cup finger tips. Under each forearm is a second short arm. Their eyes and mouths appear as black holes within the mass. Extremely tough but live in a realatively primal state. They can see in all but complete darkness. All have force ability of Force Blast. Example names: Gokkuul, Kargrek, and Hagark.


Strange insectiod species, from a toxic home world of Gand. Their are 2 types one that has no lungs and consume what they need to survive. So xenophobic none are allowed onb their planet. They are humble and soft-spoken. As they acheive accomplishments they gain a self idenity. Short and stocky they have 3 fingered hands. Their head is lumpy and their eyes are alarge and multifaceted. When going off world they need a special breathing apparatus. They are wise and cunning, but are hard to understand. They have the ability to see in total darkness, and are a very hardy species. Example names: Zuckass, Muulish, and Vaabesh.


A green-skinned, porcine creature from the world of Gamorr. They tend to be violent and are seen as mindless brutes. Their society is based around the never ending fueds between their clans. Males live to fight and women do every thing else. They are proud, brutish, and violent. they respect physical prowess and do not fear death. they have thick skin and large tusks with close set eyes, a thick snout, and small horns. They have great physical strength but poor reflexes and limited intelligence. Example names: Gartogg, Ugmush, and Warlug.


They have extremely long life spans, no centralized vital systems, and an elaborate nervous and vascular system. They are generally a peaceful and introspective people. As they age they start to lose their grip on mental stability. They are humanoid with skin tones ranging from light-red to deep-purple. Their eyes vary from light-yellow to deep-red. Mandable like protrusion come from their cheeks. They tend to be tall, and have greatly resilient, but become mentally unstable. They can enter a state like a hibernation trance where they will need no food or water and can slow their aging process. They can regenerate lost body parts and even still live after getting wounds that would normally tend to be faital. Example names: Durge. Grozm, Kanth.


Orrigoinally from the world of Kinyen in the Expansion Region, they moved through out the galaxy. They place society over self and their training complements both their personal talents and their societies needs. They desire to maintain balance and on their home world their are areas alian-only cities. They are highly sociable and unable to withstand isolation from other Gran for any length of time. They are talkative and friendly so they are slow to anger and their friendships are for life. Three eye stalks end in black eyes, ahead of small horns. They are beige-skinned with large triangular ears. They are highly sociable creatures but lack understanding of some things. Their vision is superior seeing at greater distances, allowing them to aim easily and percieve things at a greater diatance. They can see in complete darkness. Example names: Aks Moe, Kea R=-Lan, and Cera Vixe.


Omnivorus humanoids native to the swamps of Naboo. They rely on bio tech, growing rather then building homes. They tend to be cautious, inquisitive, and suspisious. They are tall, greenish, beings with eye stalks, floppy ears, and extremely long tounges that they use ffor cetching food. They are very agile but not too astute or witty. They are great swimmers, can hold their breath for very long times, and can see where there is very little to know light. Example names: Jar Jar Binks, Fasa Toll, and Tobler Ceel.


They dominate the core worlds and can be found in every corner of the galaxy. They are physically and culturally diverse. Light to dark skin tone, light-blue to dark-brown in eye color, they tend to only be simalar to their own families. They have wide verity of personalities, where their culture of their home world influnces them to how they live and react to others. Many are wanting adventure and go off in search of it. They are highly adaptable and ambitious. Example names: Jango Fett, Qui Gon Jinn, and Mace Windu.


A race of precognative beings that vivid dreams or visions. They are a deeply emotional species, but their culture teaches them to hide it. Thought they respect other species they tend to not have long relationships with other cause of their impatience with other who are suspisious of their precognative gift. Appearing human with no hair and 2 horns that come down from the sides of their heads. The famales horns are much smaller. Their skin is a thick and worn looking tan color. Their eyes range from yellow to orange. They are resilant, quiet and retrospective, but have trouble making long lasting friendships. Example names: Arctan Meeso, Daeder Xiese, and Saesee Tiin.


Are tall humanoids that from their unusual appearance are commonly called "hammerheads". Peaceful and gentile they are know as great artists, and brilliant agrocultural engineers. They devote their technology to prserving nature. They live in heards in cities that hover above the surface. When the Vhong attacked they destroyed their world of Ithor, it then was taken care of and life was slowly brought back over a long time. They have long necks that curl forward to end in a dome-shaped head. they have two mouths and their skin is brown. They are wise and tend to get along with others rather easily, but they are slow and not agile. Example names: Fandomar, Oraltor, and Umwaw.


Short humanoids from the planet of tatooine are reguarded as thieves. They scavenge the desert for "lost" technology, which is any thing that is not bolted down. They are smart and complex living in tribes that thrive from trade for survival. A shamen, usually female, is the one who gives them their direction. Once a year they gather in the dune sea to swap sons and daughters, news and information, and just to mingle amoung their own kind. They are cunning and are capable of treachery if made to fight, prefureing little conflict. They rather sabotauge or steal vital gear and let the desert defeat you, but if you threaten their shamen they become very vicious. They wear brown hooded cloaks that are made to hold in moisture, by a rancid smelling soup. They are rodant looking creatures that are very sensitive to bright light. They are quick and agile but rather weak. They can see perfectly in the dark, but cant distinguish colors in it. Example names: Het, Tteel, and Oklect.


A dark and mysterious race, little is known about them. They are refered to as being shadows or wraiths. Many believe they are just a myth, their home world is in the Unknown Regions. They are solid black, skin, eyes, and hair. they have prehencile feet that allows them to climb better. A very short fur covers their body that is hardly noticable. They have long pointed ears, sharp teeth, and thin flexable frames. They are natualy attuned to the force in where thay can bend light to create darkness around them and even make shadowy figures. Most force users are Disciples of Twilight and in fact the order that came to be was taught to the man known as Twighlight by a Jyrkesh. They are silent, cunning, and reclusive. They prefure to think from a distance before acting. Very agile and intuitive, they are naturally powerful in the force, yet weaker in body and strength. As beings of darkness they are seen as evil. Example names: Nydal Kyzzen, Durden Arken, and Nydal Theen.


A species known for being the form most experts in cloning. They are the result of selective breeding and genetic modifications. This has made them highly adaptable, but not to much differse them from one another other then gender. They strive for flawless perfection in their work, and rarely veenture from their water planet of Kamino. They see themselves as superior to other races but they will be polite. Any who seeks self improvement is one they respect. They are very tall and gaunt, with pale skin, 3 fingered hands, and long necks. Their face is small and dominated by large black eyes. Males have a small finlike crest on their heads. They have a great intelect that surpases others, but are short-sighted by their own self importance. Example names: Aya Lim, Tua Shei, and Taun We.

Kel Dor

From the harsh world of Dorin, they cant breath on worlds with common atmospheres. They have breath masks that have vocoders that amplify their voices. Calm and kind they never turn away some one in need. Their skin ranges from Peach to deep-red, and they have black eyes. Thier fingers have long sharp claws, they have no hair, but their head has a shape that makes it look like they are wearing a helmet especially when they wear their breath mask. They are Quick and wise, but frail. They have greater ability to see in low lighting, and they have a stronger sence in the force then others. Though not all are force users. Example names: Dorn Tlo, Plo Koon, and Torin Dol.


They are considered to be one of the oldest species and they travel and settle all over. They are highly driven and peace-loving, but can become vindictive when crossed. They are highly inteligent and have advanced technology. They veiw music in high reguards, and it influnces their society. They have sickly green skin, and fleshy strands (hullepi: which draw in norishment from their enviroment.)where the mouth would be. They have no hair, and deep set eyes. They have a strong personality, but a frail body. Example names: Greldo Farnor, Tarlo Ganar, and Revel Mallinor.

Kissai / Massassi

are the two subspecies of the original sith race of Koriban. Kissia are the spiritual leaders who teach the sith lore. Massassi are the fierce selfless soldiers. Massassi are fearsome, ruthless, and efficient. They are loyal and organized yet not too intelligent. Kissai are just as ruthless, but far more intelligent and observant. After they travel to Ziost the sith lord Naga Shadow uses Sith alchemy to transform the Massassi into huge brutish warriors. Massassi are very loyal and live to serve their sith masters, where Kissai are capable allie who make excelent assitants. They both have glowing yellow eyes and red skin. They are humanoid with distinct sharp predatory features, but the massassi are large and hulking beings that appear brutish. Kissai are charismatic and perceptive, were Massassi are very strong but are slow, uninsightful, and some what intimidating. Example names: Baelgren, Vissrar, and Zythmnr.


Ansestors of theirs preceived Hutts as demigods, of which the Hutts to advantage of. The Hutts have seltered them and trained them to be very docile, obedient, illiturate, and issolated from the rest of the galaxy. They are loyal and resolute to a fualt. They are very narrow minded and few seek to be more. They have coarse skin that varies in hue from brown to green. Their face is a flat muzzle with a pronounced jowls and deep set eyes below a heavy brow. Their desert home world of klatooine makes them a very hardy people, but they are slow to figure things and rely on others for insight. Suprisingly they have a rather strong will. Example names: Barada, Drekk, and Sovara.


A pasifistic society, few dare to leave their home that they colonized. They are small and quick beings with limited technology. They are stuborn and set in their ways, but the youth tend to have a striving for more. Their cheiftain is chosen for his wisdom and force talents. They have a unique ability to role like a wheel at great speeds. They are covered with fur that ranges from gray to black and usually striped. Their eyes are light colors, and they resemble a leemur. Example names: Din'in, Te'el, and Kah'la.


Remarkably similar to Humans, except for two important distinctions, they have no eyes, but can naturally "see" with the force. Many travel from their home world of Alpheridies. All are force-sensitive, and many follow one of the force using orders. They are very much like humans in how they live in the galaxy. The force conection they have makes them insightful, cautious, and deliberate. They have little intrest in personal gain or glory. They tend to wear a decorative cloth or visors over their eyes. They are very keen and the force grants them a great perception, but they tend to react slower and more deliberate. Example names: Damaya Guru, Shoaneb Culu, and Visas Marr.

Mon Calamari

Amphibious land-dwellers from the aquadic MonCalamri. They are soft-spoken, but they vigorously defend any cause that inspires them. They are known to be great ship designers. Creative, quiet, and inquisitive. They who cherish peace, but aint afriad to fight for what they believe in. They are bright and prudent, but relatively frail. They have high domed heads, with large eyes, and smoth molted orangish skin. Example names: Ackbar, Ibtisam, and Perit.


Honerable, mysterious, and violent are words that describe them well. They are very charasmatic because they are able to use their voice to sooth. They have a strong sense of personal honor that varies between individuals. They are fearless and concern themselves with little outside their own families. They tend to be disciplined, focused, and passionate. They take great pride in hard fought victories. They have straight black hair, porcilain-white skin, dark eyes, and slender frames. They go out of their way to show their indiviuality in the way they look. Their original home is a world in the Unknown Regions. They are very agil and charismatic, but frail in body. They are all very proficient in using Tehk'la blades. Example names: Harmon Sho, Nir Kento, and Sin Shai.


Native to the plantet Glee Anselm, they live mostly under water. They can live in any climet though they prefure water. They are excelent swimmers, and crave adventure. They are loyal and steadfeast, and wear their moods, expressing both joy and despair with zeal. They tend to reflect the aditudes of those near by cuase of the tendrels on their heads pick up the pheromons that others release. They have thick skin that is in colors ranging from green to blue. Their large solid black eyes allow them to see beter in low lighting. their many tendrils are usually adorned with bands of leather or gold. Very hearty they can with stand more then others, but they are not as insightful as others. Example names: Kit Fisto, Renko Losa, and Setel Yast.


Refured to as Nelvaans, they are primotive and use low technology. The males hunt and protect while the females take care of daily living. They are lead by a chief, who is chosen by the "great Mother" shown to through the shamens. They are very family oriented and honorable, becoming faithful to those who have gained their trust. They are supersitious and distrust most technology. Having very pronounced canine features many see then as such. Their fur is blue-green fur with thick black mains. After the Techno Union geneticaly manipulated them males became larger, but not the females. They have keen insight and senses as in scent and low light vision, but they are not to intelligent. They are swift and tend to get up on their opponents before most can respond. The males are stronger then the females because of the mutation. Example names: Harvos, Tuzes, Ovros


After their home world of Honoghr became deimated by the empire, Vader came to offer them false help tricking them into thinking him a hero. They became very loyal to the empire, for they like others hold value in life debts. They were finally helped and told the truth by Leia, whom they held in high reguards. They are small yet feirce and know as great killers throughout the galaxy. They lack humor and are very serious and dedicated. They have gray skin and sharp lower tusks. Their eyes are yellow and their hair is always dark, typically black. They are quick and insightful, preciving much of their suroundings, but they are too serious and not to personable. They have a great sence of smell allowing them to be aware of everything in the imediate area. Example names: Tahgur, Nesh, and Hinin.


They live in oxygen-filled cities in the deep oceans of Mon Calamari. They are practical and conservative, and tend to hate change and distrust those who are optimistic and idealistic. They have warred many times with the Mon Calamari. They tend to avoid galactic polotics and blame others for their worlds problems. They have flesh colored leathery skin, and 4 squid-like tenticles around their mouth, hence the name "squid head". They have bright solid blue to green eyes. They are extremely resiliant and tough, but are deficiant in wisdom and lack social graces. Example names: Kelmut, Seggor, and Vuhlg.


These fast thinking and reacting beings from the world of Iego are truly one of a kind. They have dual colored skin that veries even in their own family. They are thin and very flexible as well as quick and witty. They move at such a pace they tend ignore insignificant details. They have delicate beautiful features that make even the males look pretty. They only grow hair on their head and generally wear it short and wild. They have solid glowing green eyes that allow them to see in every lighting. Their agility and reaction time makes them great gunman and superior pilots. They are thrill seekers that are always move at their own pace in life, that others think them uncaring and selfcentered. Despitie that they generally like to have fun and just dont always slow down to pay attention to others. Example names: Kyn, Tas, and Jes.


Hailling from the brutal rain foreset world of Rodia in the Mid Rim. They became very brutal hunters and killers. They gain honor and great renown amoung their own for the more inteligent and brutal their pray. They are viloent, tenacious, and dedicated. They are very quick and well coordinated, yet act before thinking and are rude and obnoxious. They have hightened awareness that allows them to see in poor lighting and notice things that others would miss. Example names: Beedo, Neesh, and Kelko.


Evolving to survive their harsh, volcanic home world of Sullust, they dwelled underground. This friendly species loves to interact with interesting beings. Soro-Suub is one of the galaxies most prominent companies and over half their would is on the pay role. They tend to be pleasent, pragmatic, and fond of practical jokes. They are humanoids with large round eyes, big ears, and jowls. They look as if their face has been overstretched and is sagging down. They are quick and agile but not too hardy. They can see in complete darkness with out problems, and have heightened senses. They are great at sensing direction and great climbers. Example names: Dllr Nep, Nien Nunb, and Syub Snunb.


Known as preditory pirates and feirce warriors, they are lead by the largest most aggresive and ruthless one. They have little honor bt prefer to fight face-to-face. They respect strength above anything else, proving them selves in melee combat. They are treacherous, vicious and tempremental. They are tall upright large cat like people. They have thick fur that is nomally jet black or have black stripes. Their hands have retractable claws and their peircing green eyes grant the great low light vision. As strong and tough as wookies, yet they are not terribly bright and lack in understanding. They are physically intimating. Example names: Mezgraph, Rowv, and Seendar.


Natives of Shili, a deep forested world in the Expansion Region, they are natural pack hunters. Individualism is discuraged, but despite that many leaders gain pretige through their expressed individualality. They have paterns covering their horns, head tail, and skin to help them blend in with the red and white metter tall turu-grass of the scrublands. Their face is oval and is flanked by stripped horns and a long head tail. Red and white patterns cover their face and body. They are social, outspoken, perceptive, and attentive. They are quick and agile yet a bit more delicate then others. They have a spatial awareness that allows them to sense their suroundings using a passive echolocation. They are generally very stealthy and great hunters. Example names: Codi Ty, Shaak Ti, and Ahsoka Tano.


Reptilian hunters known for their great strength and warlike nature. They have long warred with Wookies and have a strong hatered for them. They shed their skin several times in their life and can regenerate lost limbs over time. They are violent, brutal, and driven. They are tall green scaled reptilians with red eyes and clawed hands. They are very strong and resiliant, but lack much agility. They can see in the infrared spectrums, and their scales provide them with a natural armor. Example names: Bossk, Krussk, and Tusserk.


From the dry rocky world of Ryloth, they have made a place for themselves along the galactic rim. These tall thin humanoids have a varity of distinct subraces, but all are recognizable for their headtails called "Lekku" that protrude from the back of their heads. Sly and calculating they prefer to stick to the shadows. They are calculating. pragmatic, and charismatic people. They try to stay in the backround and plan a way to profit off of the circumstance. They are human appearing but with two long lekku. They very in colors of blue, white, orange, red, green, and several others. Though very charasmatica and persuasive, they lack a strong will. They can comunicate to one another with their lekku. They have great health and are hard to poison. They can see well in low lighting. Example names: Aaylah Secura Koyi Komad, and Tott Doneeta.


Guant pale near humans with sunken eyes and cold stares. They do not grow any hair but other wise look human. Due to there planet Umbara having eternal twilgiht they become able to see with no light, but any flash of bright light can temporary disorient them. They have the force ability to naturally suggest and implant ideas in others. They also can sense when others are lying. They are respected yet feared by many, but few are know for only members of the top ten cast levels are allowed to leave their home. They have the ability to see in ultraviolet spectrum. Example names: Sly Moore and Phanis.


Near human in many ways, but are slightly taller and slimer. Their skin tone ranges from dusky-brown to dark-gray. Their eyes are typically pale colors of blue, gray, or lavender. Their hair is usually mix of black, white, or gray, but some are considered to be blessed to have red hair. Their most unique difference is their skeloton is completly made of thick cartilage. This makes them very flexible, but physically frial. They are naturally bright but are looked upon as the embodiment of destruction. They folow a cult of their Goddess. They naturally have dark force abilities and can create fire with the force. Example names: Ember, Pyre, and Cinder.


Jet black skin with colored tattoos of a particular color that symbolises one of the six elements and philosophies of martial arts of thier world. Blue(water), Green(earth), Red(fire), White(air), yellow(light), and Black(darkness). They are highly disciplined, honoralble, and paitient. They have been know to possess great wisdom and even greater physical prowless. They are stronger then they appear, but not surprisingly agile. Their is non know to be out of a top physical condition. They love to train and learn. It is said that the Matukai learned from a Vasuviaan. They are said to be a subspecies a long with the rattakai and the Umbaran. Know one knows which race appeared first, but where as the other two subspecies can influence others minds, they are immune to such influences. Example names: Tympi Zor, Xinor Tae, and Kayen Lol.


Reptilain amphibians from the world of Sembia. They live in large family units and are consistent nomads. When two or mor clans meet they have large feasts with compitions of strength, speed, and wits. Also aranged marriages are held, where the young male then leaves to join the wife's familly.considered primative, they actually have a higher intellect and understanding of philosophy then most species. From birth they are taught to respect freedom, individuality, and honesty. Known for their compassion, even tempers, and integrity. They are tall, with leathery gray-green skin. Their eyes are deep set and a longe crest extends from their head. Two thick fingers and an opposabile thumb gives them good grip. They are a hearty and have a strong personality, but are not agile. They can breath underwater and are great swimers. Example names: Coleman, Trebor, Sweitt Concorkill.


Well known for having viloent tendancies and lack of indiviuality, they have a surprisingly deep faith. They carry totems, that give them advice that they take very seriously. They arn bullying, brooding, and superstisious by nature. They do not like to speak infront of non weequay and use their language that is based on pheromones to talk to each other. They are such a strick viewing society that those that grew up outside of their society have a hard time trying to become part of it. They have thick tan to dark-brown leathry skin that provides some protection. Their faces are lipless and they have a flat nose. Only the men grow hair, that is made into a pony tail, but is removed when they go back to their home world of Sriluur in the Outter Rim. They are very resiliant, but are not to bright and have a hard time relating with others. Example names: Diegrgu-Rea Duhnes'rd, Que-Mars Redath-Gom, and Ak-rev Solum'ke.


Widely recognized as one of the strongest and fiercest intellegent races in the galaxy. Raised with values of honor and loyalty, and even hold traditions including the bond of "life debt", they maybe short tempered, but are true friends. They are tall and covered in fur varying in color from black to brown, to gray. They live on the fierce forest world of Kashyyyk. They are powerful and hardy, even being able to heal at a faster rate then others. They also lack agility, and tend to be rash, impatient, and impulsive. They have been known to rage and become stronger for peroids of time. Example names: Chewbacca, Gorwooken, and Rorwarr.


Among the most mysterious of races, individuals of their species have made their way into galactic underworld, where others are less then likely seen. They are adept at information gathering because of their acute sense of sight and hearing. Masters of manipulation they can get what they need. They provide little information about themselves but are able to get others to open up. They have three fingured hands with large black nails and a prominent snouot flanked by tufts of hair. Their body is covered in short baige fur. They are very charismatic and street smart, but not to agile. They can mentally effect others by making a mixiture of sounds they daze and confuse others. Example names: Adaka-Vanae, Haesh-Rulan, and Schurk-Heren.

Yuuzhan Vong

Invaders from the unknown regions of space, ruled by their religion of war. They despise mechanical technology, using things that are genetically engineered. Their weapons and armor are living creatures. They are out side the force which holds no sway over them in any way. After they are defeated by the Galactic Alliance Jedi persway them to help rebuild lost worlds, but the sith sabotauge their efforts and they are blamed and hated by the people. They are viewed as sinister, vile, killeres, but have learned to adapt to coexist with others. They still have strong spiritual views that keep them focused on being great warriors. They have sloped foreheads, pilid skin, and dark hair. Their skin bears many ritualistic scars and tatoos. Example names: Nom Anor, Tsavong Lah, and Nas Choka.


They have been traveling the galaxy for so long that they tend to define themselves by the colony they are from. The harshness of Iradonia gave them a strong will to survive. They are proud and strong willed but dont look down on others. They are dedicated, intense, and focused. They appear human with a distinct patteren of horns on their head. Many have markings on their face. They are tough and versitile. Their hightened awareness alows them to precive more then most. Example names: Aagh Odok, Eeth Koth, and Kooth Aan.


Known for their hedonistic nature, they are a fun loving people, placing recreation and pleasure before other things. They are naturally empathic and sence the emotions of others. They can become burdened with others feelings and prefure pasifism to violence, but if pushed they can become very violent. They are very friendly and sociable, enjoying meeting new people and visiting new places. They have such a great motabolism that they all maintain perfect weight and muscle no matter what they eat. They are all extremely attractive by human standards of appearance. Their skin varies from light-pink to deep-crimson, and their hair and eyes can be almost any color. They are very charismatic, but yet are knonw to have fits of passion. They can emit pheromones that can persuade others. Example names: Adriav, Rhajani, and Tamair.

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