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"This Section is where you explain main things about your character. His/her name, there family and a brief description of who they are and where they have been."

Profession: [List your character's profession]
Era: [List the era your character is from]
Played by: [Insert your DA handle]


This is where you explain the in depth history of your character and the important events that brought them to where they are now. This section can be separated into as many categories as you wish, however the standard inner categories size, in the Table of Contents, will be as follows…


Explain your character's childhood.

For Quotations the Standard size could will be…

—"Quote" - "Person who said it and who they said it too. —


This is where you explain any significant events you have rp'ed and/or any events that happen during his or her current life, like marriages and children.

Personality and Traits

This is the section for your character's behaviors, desires and understandings. You can also decribe anything that makes your character unique in contrast to most people. It could be a speices trait or an individual trait.

Powers and Abilities

This is the section for your characters powers and abilities. Commonly this place will be used for unique or important abilities to the character, but all abilities are allowed as well as how your character gained these abilities.

Appearance and Clothing

Place for your clothing and what you look like.

Weapons and Vehicles

This is the place where you can explain there weapons in detail or through pictures and your vehicles, from hovercrafts to small spacecrafts to large spaceships. You can also describe other equipment you have bought or sold through out your characters history.

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"Your Name"
Homeworld "planet"
Born "year"
Died "year"
Alternate Names "names"
Physical Description
Species "name"
Gender "name"
Height "number"
Hair Colour "colour"
Eye Color "color"
Skin Color "color"
Historical Information
Affiliations "Groups they are members of
Known Masters "Teachers"
Known Apprentices "Students"
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