• After much time has passed since the well known Treaty between the Empire and the Republic, Darth Silence, leader of the infamous Sith empire has dispatched assassins to dispose of any possible threats, bringing the Jedi, Jensaarai, and any republic soldier in danger. What will happen? Will there be victory or will there be great suffering?
  • The Sith Civil War has ended with a great loss to the Jedi. With the Sith Empire steadily advancing upon them, a peace treaty is the only escape for the shattered Republic. An attack on Coruscant has utterly obliterated the Jedi Temple. In another act to reform their numbers, the Jedi have chosen to ally with the Jensaarai, whose home base was also destroyed in the clash with the Sith Empire. Both the Jensaarai and Jedi have agreed to reestablish their respective bases upon two different planets: the main Jensaarai base on Hoth and the Jedi base upon Tython.
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