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Welcome to StarWarsLegacy. We are a RP room for any era in the starwars expanded universe. All are welcome to RP within the limits of the rules of the room. Please read the There is more to come so i will be always updating them. Recent events have caused me to add a new rule. "If you are asked to stop from doing something that another finds offensive then i will expect you to stop." We are a room of friends and WE will treat each other with respect. Thank you and May the Force be with you! (DreamGirl303) The character template sheet on Wiki has been updated. Any characters on there already should note that the template now includes the player's handle and should update the individual page to include the information as done in the template.


An attack has just occurred on Korriban. A army of Sith with a large fleet has come out of hyperspace close to the planet and opened fire. Though the Sith on Korriban were not expecting the attack, they have quickly responded and are close to victory. What is now the concern is the fact that Sith have attacked Sith, and a civil war has ensued. Sith are taking sides and no one knows who to trust. So beware and chose your allies intelligently. For the dark side is sinister and none are to be trusted. So to all you Sith, know this, "The Force" is not your ally it is your weapon". In light of the Sith civil war, the Republic has proposed an alliance with the Jedi, and the Jensaarai leaders, in order to bond against a common enemy. “Someone’s going to have to wipe out the winning side…” Supreme Chancellor Valindamar Ruall was overheard saying.

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